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A great festival weekend!

Was part of a 6 car convoy of friends from the motel to the festival on Thursday morning. Spent about 90 minutes in line at the festival gate, got in and parked, and decided that we were going to haul all of our gear to the wooded camping area, as the car camping did not look very appealing. As we were transporting our stuff to the wooded area, we got got rained on ... big time! I was drenched from head to toe and was glad that at least some of my gear was packed in boy scout fashion, ready for the rain. The rain ended up being a blessing, as it cooled things down and brought us all closer together as we dealt with the adversity.

Once the rain stopped and we got camp set up, it was pure gold for the rest of the weekend! Our camping area in the woods was fantastic ... big trees and lots of space. The main concert area was only a 10 or 15 minute walk, and the grassroots stage was even closer. Lots of tasty food choices, and we set up a camp shower. It was great to start each day relatively clean before turning into a dirty hippy!

The music ... stellar! Personal 5 star highlights: Trampled By Turtles, Bobby's set with Hornsby and Marsalis (and others), Phil's set (Jackie Green was freakin' awesome as one of his guests), Yonder Mountain String Band (as a huge Talking Heads fan it was a huge treat to hear them cover Girlfriend is Better), Galactic (their guest vocalist had an incredible range), DSO, ABB and Lettuce (super-funky and holy sh*t can Eric Krasno play guitar). Oh yes, and guest slide guitarist Roosevelt Collier sat in with numerous bands and repeatedly blew minds!

I would definitely go back to All Good at this new location. My only real complaint was at times I thought the sound mix was a little off or a little quiet. But it was easy to move around within the concert venue in order to end up in a better sound pocket.

On Sunday morning, a small group of us decided to head out early in order to make the journey to Darien Lake for the Santana and ABB show. That was a great decision, as it split up the ride nicely, and more importantly, both bands were on fire at Darien Lake! Go and see this double bill if you can!

I would definitely go back to All Good at this new location, and hope to make the journey next year!!

Peace, Mark

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The line-up was just so damn good it was pretty hard to go wrong. Other than the arches of my feet being at the point of utter collapse from shakin' it too long and hard but yet that's strangely satisfying I suppose.

Couldn't have asked for better company, and yes, the epic trek to the forest was DEFINITELY worth it and allowed us all to sleep in a little which was so very much needed for this gal who was fighting a cold before we even set off. Hit the oil of oregano hard to try and counter the abuse....sort of worked, or at least well enough to survive the weekend.

At first I wasn't as happy with the layout. It seemed random to me, but as time went on I actually quite liked it. Things were pretty close together once you knew your way around.

I fricken LOVE Trampled by Turtles. I only wish they had had longer to play. Damn the fiddle just slays and soothes my soul like nothing else. It went by far too fast. Admittedly I was a little out of sorts for part of Bobby's set. It got very hot and crowded within a short period of time and I had to back out of our spot for a breather a couple of times. Phil's set started off a little slow I thought until they figured out who was going to captain the ship, but it ended up being a very long and REALLY great show. Jackie Greene was indeed wicked.

Started the next day off with ALO which was a great set. I had never even heard of Roosevelt before (who is from the Lee Boys) but WOW WOW WOW so smooth and dirty and composed. First of many sit-ins.

Caught the Wood Brothers after that which was also a fantastic show. I really need to get a hold of some of their albums. Amazing harmonies, great songwriting, great playing. Roosevelt sat in with them as well.

Was going to walk away for a break after that. 4onthefloor came on and I couldn't walk away. They were hard hitting. Kind of had a Black Keys sort of vibe I thought. Lead singer was very charismastic, and every member of the band had a kick drum in addition to playing their instrument. They were good. Or at least their first few songs were.

Everyone Orchestra was ok. Caught a song or two then opted to fuel up before G.Love (which unfortunately I was a little dissapointed with...was hoping to hear more off the new album). Yonder Mountain was great, although admittedly my recollection other than the lingering impression of satisfaction is a little hazy.

Somewhere in there I remember being somewhat impressed by the Pimps of Joytime.

Had never seen Flaming Lips either. It was pretty good. Not a highlight, but entertaining enough. My energy dropped big time after they finished though and had to do all that I could to stick around for Galactic, whom I had never seen. Very thankful that I did. They were definitely one of my highlights of the weekend. SOOO good to move to. All around great.

Saturday morning was rough. Just utterly depleted. So unfortunately didn't make it to Rumke Mountain Boys. The only thing I was really choked about missing. The perfect remedy for me was some late afternoon Railroad Earth. Honestly one of my all time favourite bands. I just love being in their presence. They draw upon all of the sounds that make me feel whole. I can never get enough of them. Made my day...but wish they had had a longer time slot...and maybe a later one as their late night's are always epic. But it made for a real sweet, restorative afternoon.

RRE followed by DSO...inspiration move me brightly. I was in full on bliss. The sky was so damn beautiful. The grounds were beautiful. The trees and lanterns and hammocks, and groovy people. You get the idea. DSO definitely seemed to play longer than their far too limited hour time slot. I didn't want them to end.

Initially i was wondering why this unknown (to me) Big Gigantic band seemed to have a longer and better time slot than DSO. But they were the biggest surprise of the weekend for me. Just pure thunder. They likely most successfully brought young and old together in one sound-breaking thrown-down dance party. Man, they really pumped things up. At no time over the entire weekend was the sound lounder. The whole grounds were just shaking.

The Bridge followed. They reunited for this show. Glad they did. Great band. I'd look them up if you're not familiar.

And then the sweet, sweet southern soul of the Allman Brothers. I was wondering how Greg would be faring, but he sounded great to me, and sang a lot. Warren and Derek were on fire. Just love watching people love ABB.

Stuck around for Lettuce after that. Super funky fun. Even caught a couple tunes of Lotus that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. But had to not so gracefully bow out by that point. I was done.

Packed up early Sunday as I had run my course by that point and needed to get home, but before departing swung down to catch Devil Makes Three. They are quickly becoming one of my favourite touring bands. Such great swagger, song-writing, instrumentation and attitude. GREAT way to cap off the weekend. Went in on a high note, and never really came down after that.

Thanks friends. You fill me up.

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Although I didn't wear a shirt much, I still managed to lose the one I brought.

I didn't experience much that Tonin and Edger didn't already discuss.

Camping in the forest was a great decision once the decision was finally made. We set up a Canadian border and welcomed all foreigners, freaking some out along the way.

BIG GIGANTIC!!! (someone decided to call them Tiny Huge) was truly Gigantic, their sound seemed 10 times louder than anyone, their visuals, even though it was still light out, were the best I had seen all weekend. They very well could have been a late night act but I am glad they weren't.

Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) have a special spot inside of me and it is always a treat to see them. I got to see a couple of new tunes off of their new album (which is excellent) and how can you go wrong covering Eye of the Tiger!?!

Railroad Earth made me feel closer to my surroundings than I had all weekend, they have a way of doing that to me, so did the pizza.

Other stand outs for me were Trampled by Turtles, Wood Brothers, Bobby doing Scarlet Begonians, The latter half of Phil, ABB, Lettuce, Galactic and Darkstar.

Things I saw and have little to no recollection were Yonder Mountain, The Bridge and the Flaming Lips.

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Yes, the PA was absolutely cranked for Big Gigantic, which did indeed make them sound gigantic! I wish they had done the same thing for ABB - I found the guitars quiet in the mix at times. That wasn’t an issue the next night at Darien Lake.

I enjoyed the G Love set, but I too was disappointed with the lack of songs from the new record (only one I think) and because I wanted to hear him with a keyboard/organ player. He was good, but I missed the fourth instrument. Sorry I missed ALO and Tea Leaf Green, but this boy needed some down time. Caught the second half of the Wood Brothers and wished I had been there for the whole thing. But it’s hard to do it all.

Railroad Earth was really good but it took me their set to get my dancing legs back together - sorry I never made it to the 10th row for their set but I needed some time further back on the lawn to get recharged.

I didn’t know much about the Flaming Lips going into this festival. I sort-of enjoyed their set, but I’d like to see them in an arena where I could fully appreciate their stage theatrics and videos. They did cover King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, which was a big treat for this King Crimson fan.

Really enjoyed The Bridge. I’d go see them again for sure. But I think they no longer are together - it was a reunion show for the festival if I remember correctly. Pimps of Joytime were lots of fun from what I recall.

Great live music experienced outdoors with friends - so sweet.

Peace, Mark

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Here's a few photos I took while at The Wood Brothers and Everyone Orchestra's sets. The Wood Brothers were amazing, I loved that show. The music was amazing all weekend. We were in VIP camping so we were able to hear all the shows from our camp when we weren't able to be at the show (our little guy was great but a few parental breaks were required). 10 minute walk from stage to tent. The festival has a few kinks to work out logistically, but overall was very well done, few hassles and great music.

Americans sure are good at fireworks. That firework show after the Allman's was pretty awesome.

It was great getting to hook up with the Ontario crowd which was well represented!

Matt Butler - Everyone Orchestra

Matt Butler - Everyone Orchestra

Matt Butler - Everyone Orchestra#

Zach Gill from ALO playing with Everyone Orchastra

Zach Gill

Dave Brogan from ALO playing with Everyone Orchestra

Dave Brogan

Steve Adams from ALO playing with the Everyone Orchestra

Steve Adams

Bridget Law and Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival playing with Everyone Orchestra

Bridget Law and Bonnie Paine

Chris Wood, Tyler Greenwell, Oliver Wood - The Wood Brothers

The Wood Brothers

Oliver Wood - The Wood Brothers

Oliver Wood

Oliver Wood - The Wood Brothers

Oliver Wood

Chris Wood - The Wood Brothers

Chris Wood

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