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Springsteen in Moncton


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  • 3 weeks later...

Great gig man, congratulations.

I was all smiles watching you on stage with Bruce for Twist & Shout! Sharing a mic with Tom Cochrane and standing four feet from the Boss...How cool was that?

You owned that stage, from singing one of Bruce's lines to kicking Nils Lofgren off of his mic!

Awesome, just f'ing awesome.

This was my first Magnetic Hill concert (if you don't count the Pope) and I gotta say they do it right out there. Zero complaints about the venue and frankly I'd be hard pressed to suggest any improvements. I'll definitely make a point of going to a show there again.

C'mon McCartney!

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HA!! You saw that! I figured I should walk over and sing with Peter, Colin and Nils, but he kinda backed off and gave me the mic. Too funny.

Uh yeah, what can I say? BEST NIGHT EVER.

Elkas got me into Bruce, so I felt it only fair to invite him out to the show.

Here's a great vid of the song....

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