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Dave Chappelle tickets on sale now! limited!


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chappelle was funny as hell.  I'd say that after a standard set would be done, perhaps after an hour and change, he kept going while focusing on the crowd and letting them ask questions.  Most of the questions were classic fails, but he riffed off that. Some were good enough to hear him go off.   The repetitive yells of "why'd you quit the show?" were getting annoying.

Once in a while, one of these questions about "selling out at the winter garden" would trigger him to twist it into something different like SELLING OUT by making toys and shit which led him to finish with "i'm gonna go to taiwan, and get a dildo made of my dick and give it to your mother so I can fuck her every night!"

Earlier, he was commenting on Canada's health care and amazed by it.

"i gotta go to the doctor"

"why? you sick?"

"no.  I just got to get my balls washed off"

damn funny material. i wish the crowd's interaction was better though. I'd say, if one wants to invite questions, set up a mic and have people line up like Kevin Smith does. less shit questions.

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