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Trey in TO - What A Night!


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GREAT great fun fun sweaty SWEATY LONG night last night (well > 3hrs total)

Set times as follows:

Set 1 - 8:15 - 9:48

Set 2 - 10:05 - 11:50

(from memory)

Trey Anastasio Band 1/18/13

Danforth Music Hall


Set 1:

Caymen Review

Alive Again

Land of Nod

Ooh Child



Last Tube


Burlap Sack & Pumps




First Tube

Set 2:

Money Love & Change


Gotta Jiboo

Let Me Lie

Night Speaks To A Woman

Small Axe


Goodbye Head

The Architect

Clint Eastwood


Push On Till The Day

E: At The Gazebo

Sultans Of Swing

Big Red and the band brought IT. He certainly didn't mail in his first Toronto show in seven years. Surprised to see Trey playing a candy red Fender Jaguar for three songs. It had that old school twang but of course still sounded like Trey. I was very very close

all night (~10 feet away) and he was having a BLAST. Many crazy Treyfaces and he was jumping up and down groovin' like a madman. Band is hella-tight. Just fantastic all the way around.

Some great comments including (kinda paraphrasing- hard to hear being so close) "I really really just love this city so much - we'll (I?) will be back real soon" - fore shadowing of a Phish date in summer? And the coolest Trey banter of the night was right

before Sultans " I know I'm the right place when I say this that you guys are probably the only people who care about this as much as I do - it's the start of hockey season in 15 minutes!!!!!!!". Cheers erupted and a chant of Go Leafs Go ensued. What a hoot.

A great night all around. DON'T miss this band!

Here's some shots I got:



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The first set was fantastic; full of energy and appropriately placed tunes. The second set, however, paled by comparison and was mediocre at best. There were moments of greatness there, but overall, the new material just isn't as strong and completely killed the vibe. Reminded me a lot of how Phish has been playing lately during the summer. Strong out of the gate and then questionable song placement at moments of paramount importance.

I had set low expectations going in, so I didn't come away disappointed but I was really hoping for that first set energy to be carried throughout.

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Yup fantastic night. We had an awesome crew which certainly helped to fuel the excitement. I really love TAB...sometimes (dare I say it) even more than I enjoy a Phish show depending on the night. I love the horn section and the afro-cubanish type of vibe that gets injected here and there. Overall I much prefer his older material as well and was glad we got a good fill of it. having said that not really familiar with the new stuff yet so it may grow on me. The encore was a great topper.

Must say, the Danforth for me has been two for two. Great venue and I hope they just keep bringing in these great acts.

Nice seeing so many of you smiling

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