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Tonight! Feb.23 Digital Earth Evolution fet.Chameleon Project and many more

The Chameleon

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Nocturne (550 Queen Street West, Toronto)


10$ at the door—————–

19+ ———————

Digital Earth is an experimental event concept, formulated with the intention of merging electronic music and live music, while showcasing local talent and organic, global vibes. After the initial edition of the Digital Earth series, at Tabu nightclub in Guelph, the Digital Earth has spent the cold of winter refiguring and reformulating itself.

Now, set for rebirth inside the depths of Nocturne (550 Queen Street West, Toronto), one of Toronto’s most notoriously dark and demented nightclubs, the Digital Earth is ready to exist as a nomadic event series, adapting to new surroundings and infiltrating various spaces with positive energy that will overcome all that it comes across. Resurfacing in the middle of the big city to bring together an extensively eclectic group of flourishing talent from the surrounding areas, this more highly evolved edition of the Digital Earth series has a lineup that is absolutely loaded with a little something for everyone (and live visuals too!).

The Digital Earth has been evolving rapidly and is finally ready to ignite the night once again to light up your lives with a feast of magical live music and stellar song selectors for a two-room dance party that will leave your feet tired, your minds glowing, and your hearts on fire.


[in Chronological Order]

///—///—///—Living Room—///—///—///

Space-Time Ensemble

Loopsy Dazy (duo)

Chameleon Project


Other Families

\\\—\\\—\\\—Mixing Room—\\\—\\\—\\\

Safety Dept.


Ankle Mix

Love at 528hz

Live Visuals by VJ BXL

Deco by the Digital Elves

~Chameleon Project~


“As Toronto’s agents and instigators of the local live jam, fusion & electronica scene, The Chameleon Project (CP) have been the city’s host to, and shared the stage with, such acts as The New Deal, Lotus, Charlie Hunter, EOTO, Dub Trio, Garage Mahal, Biodiesel and Bassnectar. CP has 2 full length album releases, 1 EP and a special DJ vinyl remix pressing to it’s credit and has appeared at premier North American festivals such as Camp Bisco, Freedom Festival, Evolve, OM and the NuJazz Festival, and to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. This is a band that you have to experience live. No two shows are ever the same. Be prepared for anything, but count on moving your body while thoughtful melodies and pastoral textures entrance your mind!â€




~Loopsy Dazy (duo)~


Loopsy Dazy, the brainchild of Mikey Dorje, has been picking up some serious momentum over the past year. This performance will feature of Loopsy Dazy as duo, in the absence of Eleanor Edgar on violin. Accompanied by the immensely talented Brad Weber (Pick a Piper/Caribou) on drums, Mikey’s improvised looping techniques create an atmospheric blend of acoustic sounds and glitched out electronica that will take you on a journey that is sure to get your feet moving in every which direction (perhaps even into a Conga line). As not even the musicians know exactly just where they are taking you, this journey is one that will be just as exciting for you as it is for them.






“Quirky, sexy, circus funk.†MiNETA is one of the most exciting bands in Toronto. Built on a foundation of solid grooves and song-writing, topped off with sexy, flaming gimmicks, they put the FUN back in FUNk. They are sure to excite your ears and dazzle your eyes with the jaw-dropping performance which awaits. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.




~Love at 528hz (featuring Live Violin & Belly Dancing)~


Nic Newman has been a stand out performer in Toronto’s underground scene for a number of years. The man behind the brilliant musical compositions of the Indigo Cabaret will close out this jam by bringing the DJ room alive with his powerful resonance that is Love at 528hz. This is a set that will show how healing and ascension can be achieved through music and dancing. Get ready.



~Khalil~ [MTL] -=- VJ BXL (live active & passive, natural & synthetic visuals)


Khalil is one of the founders of Montreal’s Speakeasy Electroswing. Having played at numerous psychedelic gatherings last year as well Igloofest and Piknik Electronik, we are lucky to have him joining us, not only to treat us to a special DJ set of full of wonkadelic swing and psychedelic bass music, but also a barrage of mind-bending visuals including everything from nature footage he has recorded in his travels to psychedelic imagery he has cooked up within his mind and his machines. Having done visuals at such massive dance parties as Eclipse, Pandemonium Festival and Psybass this will be VJ BXL’s first set in Toronto, so buckle your mental seat belts, he’s about to take us on a trip!




~Other Families~


Perhaps they could be viewed as the odd ball of the bunch. These others bring an alternative brand of heavy and experimental live electronica to the table that will provide a strange and high-octane end to the night that will leave your ears worn out.




~Safety Dept.~

-bass & stuff-

Dan Browne a.k.a. Safety Department will be bringing his eclectic mix of music to the table in order to break the ice and start this party off right. This guy knows good tunes, trust.



~Space-Time Ensemble~


An exciting new project featuring members of The Company, based out of Guelph, Ontario. This group of players will get the night kicked off in a proper, smooth, experimental format.


~Ankle Mix~


The founder of the Digital Earth will be serving up a special bowl of organic beat soup packed full of cosmic flavor that’ll make you groove, wiggle & smile ☺!

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