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Dylan and Dawes do April University Tour


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Apr 05, 2013 Buffalo, NY SUNY Buffalo - Alumni Arena

Apr 06, 2013 Amherst, MA University of Massachusetts - Mullins Center

Apr 08, 2013 Kingston, RI University of Rhode Island - Ryan Center

Apr 09, 2013 Lowell, MA University of Massachusetts - Tsongas Center

Apr 12, 2013 Newark, DE University of Delaware - Bob Carpenter Center

Apr 13, 2013 California, PA Convocation Center

Apr 14, 2013 Ithaca, NY Cornell University - Barton Hall

Apr 16, 2013 Richmond, VA Landmark Theater

Apr 19, 2013 Akron, OH The University of Akron - EJ Thomas Hall

Apr 20, 2013 Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium

Apr 21, 2013 Bowling Green, OH Bowling Green State University - Stroh Center

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An LA based band heavily influenced by the Laurel Canyon 70's sound. They have two albums- North Hills and Nothing is Wrong- and their new album comes out on April 2. I'd say their greatest strength is their songwriting, but many find them too poppy as it never gets out there. Wilco fans would find a friend in Dawes.

Check out Nothing is Wrong. If you don't like it on the first listen through then you're done and don't need to investigate any further. Its a get it on the first run through type of album.


1) lead singer and guitarist Taylor Goldsmith was also a part of the indie supergroup Middlebrother with members of Deer Tick and Delta Spirit.

2) Jackson Browne tapped the band to be his touring outfit over the past few years

3) Robbie Robertson used Dawes as his backup band on the 2012 release How to be Clairvoyant

nb. I did all of this from memory on a weak connection in the parking lot of a Tims, so no fact checking was done.

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It's the frequent cringe-worthy lyric that has stopped me from fully diving in.

I've taken the dive' date=' and this feeling still exists from time to time.

Every Stevie Wonder has their 'I Just Called'.


Is it, in fact, unfair to criticize a formerly great artist for his later-day sins? Is it better to burn out than to fade away?


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