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Radiohead @Bonnaroo 2006, SBD

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller



SBD Source

01 “There Thereâ€

02 “2+2=5″

03 “15 Stepâ€

04 “Arpeggiâ€

05 “Exit Musicâ€

06 “Kid Aâ€

07 “Dollars And Centsâ€

08 “Videotapeâ€

09 “No Surprisesâ€

10 “Paranoid Androidâ€

11 “The Gloamingâ€

12 “The National Anthemâ€

13 “Climbing Up The Wallsâ€

14 “Big Ideasâ€

15 “Street Spiritâ€

16 “The Bendsâ€

17 “Myxomytosisâ€

18 “How To Disappear Completelyâ€

Encore 1:

19 “You And Whose Army?â€

20 “Pyramid Songâ€

21 “Like Spinning Platesâ€

22 “Fake Plastic Treesâ€

23 “Bodysnatchersâ€

24 “Luckyâ€

25 “Idiotequeâ€

26 “Karma Policeâ€

Encore 2:

27 “House Of Cardsâ€

28 “Everything In Its Right Placeâ€

Oh my.



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