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Does anyone have any good recipes?

I have about 5lbs so I'm planning on doing them a few ways.

Spicy tomato sauce w/ Pernod

White wine with garlic and shallots and herbs

Bacon, blue cheese, ale (no real recipe- I had them at restaurant in Niagara once and loved so I've been trying to copy that dish ever since)

I'm making a simple salad and have lots of fresh bread to mop up the sauces and some tasty beverages to wash'em down with.

I love lazy Sundays.

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Yup- polished off all of'em last night.

Over a couple hours and bottles of wine.

I'm making another batch next weekend for a bunch of folks so I figured I would ask for more recipes.

I happen to have a bunch of homemade chorizo right now so your suggestion will be put to use.

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