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Jay Smith (guitarist of Matt Mays' El Torpedo) found dead


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... apparent suicide.

I knew Jay Smith from his early days with Rock Ranger and Slowcoaster's House of Rock days. Just spoke a friend from Halifax who told me this and said Jay was having some "heavy troubles" at home.

he also says,

Jay was the quintessential Cape Bretoner and the quintessential rock-n-roller, with all of the expected beauty and problems firmly attached.

...lot of saddness in town today.

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The worst kind of news, especially for someone so young and with two kids. I saw him play with Matt Mays a week ago in Ottawa, and he put on a killer show.

Tell you what, though, this has reminded me how tightly knit the East Coast music community is, and judging by what I've seen on Facebook and Twitter, Jay knew just about everyone in it.


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I had the pleasure of getting to know Jay Smith and his music a couple years ago. The drummer I play with was filling in with his band in Charlottetown, and I was so blown away, I went with them to see them play the next night in Moncton. We had some good times and good laughs.

His album is amazingly, incredibly good. I recommend everyone go here and listen to a couple tracks:


My favourite tracks are Perfect View, Hurts Like Hell and Partner in Crime, but the whole album is great from start to finish.

So sad.

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RE: Conjecture

It's more of a hypothesis based on several accounts including friends of his in the Halifax music scene.

Mike Campbell formerly of Mike & Mike's Excellent Canadian Adventure said:

“Everybody, it hit them like a ton of bricks. We knew Jay was a troubled soul, but we had no idea this was on the horizon. He’s touched the lives of everyone here in the music community.â€

CBC Reported, "foul play was not suspected"

Frank Magazine also reported "apparent suicide."

maybe I jumped the gun on this, it was not a rush to judgment.


PEI Punk, Yes that album is quite good - I had a listen to it today and does show Jay to be quite a singer/songwriter.

I really liked this track:


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I listened to his album last night..Exclaim had every track available. Super sad and super beautifull..definately buying it once I manage to find that friggin gift card.

JFD..I have definately hestitated in throwing my 2 cents in after reading what you said...you know...I don't doubt that what you said could be true...life is hard..could be true or could have been an accident..what I wonder though mostly I guess is if it is even close to okay that 'you' said it...here..on a message board..on the internett. I realy don't know...but mostly and its just my feelings I'm speaking for..but my instant gut instinct when I saw your words...were..whoa..that is not okay.

Either way...death sucks and now his life is about his 2 kids, family and friends left behind. It's now all about respect right?

2 kids. two kids. 2 kids will be searching the net one day for stuff about thier daddy. 2 kids. Think about that. 1, 2, buckle yer...

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