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Kevin Breit CD Release @ Hugh's Room (T.O.) April 17


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On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, Kevin Breit will be playing at Hugh's Room in Toronto, ON.


The show is a release party for Kevin's new CD, "Field Recording."

Always on the lookout for new musical adventures, Kevin Breit has partnered with the Upper York Mandolin Orchestra to release a collection of 11 brilliant originals. Field Recording showcases Breit’s adept skills on the mandolin and vocals as well as masterful, thought provoking and sometimes quirky lyrics.
Seriously, they really should just forget the voting, and start throwing awards and accolades at this disc. The songs alone are worth that, never mind the fact that its ALL MANDOLINS. The only person that comes to mind for this level of inventiveness is Ry Cooder, and I mean that as the highest praise. I couldn't love this more.

Tickets are $20.00 in advance, $22.50 at the door, which opens at 8:30pm. A Facebook event for the show can be found here.



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I live right by Hugh's Room, so swung by on the bike last night as I was on my way home. I managed to sneak in to catch the last 5 songs or so of the show. He sounded great! Hugh's Room was packed. Kevin was playing with Russ Boswell (Folkalarm) on bass, and another guy on drums. Not Jorn, not Gary Taylor. No sign of any mandolin orchestra. I did count 9 guitars and 2 mandolins set up on stage though!

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Just stumbled upon this other thing coming up featuring Kevin Breit.. Toronto on May 18.


Kevin Breit

Guitar Circles Concert

May 18, 2013 – 9:00 pm

The strength of melody,rhythm and many strings, performing music from a newly formed collective of a dozen guitarists, will make it’s debut, May 18th at 80 Gladstone. Kevin Breit, will lead the acoustic ensemble on new works written especially for this event.


Heather Crawford

Josh Hanff

Sabine Ndalamba

Adrian Gross

Patrick O’reilly

Tristan Clark

Kim Ratcliffe

Dylan Moore

Joel Schwartz

Ted Quinlan

Trevor Giancola

Ben Lemma

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Hey I just learned that Kevin was the guitarist in Hugh Lauries band for a while (maybe still is when he tours). Did you guys know about this?

I was at a Sisters Euclid show a while ago, and Kevin showed up wearing a suit. He said he had gone to the rehearsals for Hugh Laurie's band (in LA, I think), and noticed something: every other band member was wearing a suit, but he was just in casual clothes. He said he became determined to get used to wearing suits: he bought a bunch, and wore them all the time, even at home: "You'd see me in the kitchen, canning tomatoes, wearing a suit."

There's a full show (1h55m) with Kevin from Argentina at




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