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Muse Tonight in T.O.


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I had some tickets drop in to my lap at the last minute so I'm going to check out Muse tonight at the ACC.

I was not a big fan of what I have heard on the radio but I love the song Madness. I've heard they put on a hell of a show so I figure it is worth checking out. It seems like their fans are pretty devoted.

Has anyone seen them before? Thoughts on the experience?

I'm heading in with an open mind and hoping to be blown away. Should be quite the spectacle.

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Pretty great show. Great stage production and musicianship. Muse walks a fine line between epic and cheese. When they cross that line (to my ears) it makes me cringe. Lots of radio hits I didn't like in the past won me over last night, but with a few cheese/cringe-worthy moments.

One of the best arena rock bands out there for sure.

Totally worth checking out if you have the chance. I still won't be listening to them often, but I would go see them again.

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