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Days of You Return with 'You Belong Where You Go'


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Look who's making the Exclaim headlines:


Days of You Return with 'You Belong Where You Go'

By Alex Hudson

Days of You formed way back in the late '80s, but the Toronto jam band genre-fusers have been largely silent over the past decade. That will change on April 30 when they release the comeback album You Belong Where You Go.

The record has reportedly been in the works for two years following the group's 2010 reunion. The lineup features longtime members Mark Thackway (guitar/vocals) and Steve Himel (bass), along with new additions Anton Helman (keyboards) and Jamie Grossman (drums).

The new tunes were eventually recorded in 2012 with Michael Phillip Wojewoda of Rheostatics. According to a press release, "Most the ideas for the songs on You Belong Where You Go came to Himel while he was imagining his newly discovered biological family. People he should have known but didn't. What were they like? How did they feel? What were they doing? As the songs took shape, their half-drawn characters began to fill the spaces."

Although this album isn't out for a few weeks yet, you can stream the entire thing below, courtesy of the band's website.

Days of You will launch the album on May 4 with a show at Toronto's El Mocambo.

You Belong Where You Go:

1. Waves

2. Bittersweet Virginia

3. Any Way The Wind Blows

4. My Tell Tale Heart

5. You Belong Where You Go

6. Sainte Marie

7. Breakdown

8. Time Takes Away

9. Keeping On

10. A Simple Melody


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