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The Bob Seger concert demographic

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“I want to go to a Bob Seger concert,” were Evie Branan’s first words in years, said almost immediately upon waking up. Michigan Live reports that tomorrow she’ll finally get her wish when Seger plays the Palace at Auburn Hills.

8233542.jpg It’s been two years since the Michigan woman came out of her five-year coma, but there’s a reason her story is still relevant today. After suffering a massive stroke six years ago, Branan became a full time resident of her town’s long-term care residence. She couldn’t speak or move or eat on her own, but when she woke up it was like a lightbulb came on.

It will be the fifth time Branan’s seen Seger in concert but certainly the most significant of the bunch. Willowbrook Manor administrator Michelle Cross heard that Bob Seger was coming to town and bought Brana the tickets, deciding to come along with another of Branan’s aides.

“I’m so excited I can hardly breathe,” said Branan. “What am I looking forward to the most? Hugging Bob Seger and giving him a big smooch.”

Even better is news that they’ll show up in a limo—no word on whether it’s a Chevy—and will hit an after-show dinner with band members, crew and their families. Bob Seger might show up, too, though there’s no guarantee.

Branan will reportedly be getting new hearing aids prior to the show.

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