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Sir Paul in Ottawa rumour


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The Citizen and other outlets have reported that the mayor will make a "historic" concert announcement Monday evening with Live Nation, for the first week of July. The Stones played here 8 years ago - I don't think that's historic. Macca has a show in Boston July 9, Ottawa would fit nicely.

Anyone heard anything more definite?

I'm guessing the show will be at the arena, but I have a crazy idea that Live Nation will pay Bluesfest to have the site ready a few days early and put the show there. That'd be great. Wonder if that is remotely likely. Probably not.

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By "love" you mean "hate", right?

no. there is a difference. if I hated them, they wouldn't be humourous fails to me.

I tried "hate" and it sounded angry. It doesn't make me angry. I roll my eyes and have a laugh.

I dislike (not quite hate) it when "love" is used for things people actually hate. I thought about it long and hard before I submitted it that way.

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My Mom and stepdad got tickets, which rather surprised me given that they aren't exactly the kinds of people who know how to work presales, etc. Apparently they got them through some kind of SBP presale. Two tickets for $130, total. I was impressed.

I just heard the same story from my folks. They got a pair through the Sens Insider presale or something like that.

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Hello Old Friends, I haven't been on here in a while and I wanted to check in.

I'm heading up to Ottawa tomorrow to see Paul McCartney on Sunday and I felt I should see who from the National Capital Region on this good old message board will also be attending the gig?

It'll be sweet seeing McCartney perform for the first time in Ottawa and on Ringo Starr's birthday!

As Ringo always says, Peace and Love!

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