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Playoff Predictions 2013

Hal Johnson

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I love this game.

Pitt-Isles........Isles 7*

Mon- Ottawa.......Habs 7

Wash-Rangers......Wash 6*

Tor-Bos.....Bos 5

Chi-Minny....Chi 6

Det-Ana....Anaheim 5

Van-SJ...Van 7

St Louis-LA....LA 5

Had to change my Wash-NY and Pitt-Isles picks to synchronize with my crappy playoff pool team

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Guest Low Roller

Pitt-Isles........Pittsburgh in 5

Mon- Ottawa.......Ottawa in 6 :(

Wash-Rangers......Washington in 4

Tor-Bos.....Boston in 3

Chi-Minny....Chicago in 5

Det-Ana....Anaheim in 4

Van-SJ...Vancouver in 5

St Louis-LA....St.Louis in 7

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Have to admit, I wasn't expecting the Boston/Toronto matchup to happen.

I'm honestly not sure either team will have an easy go in this series. Past records - this season, last season or overall w/l ratio really doesn't matter when it comes to playoffs. Boston, obviously has some incentive and pressure to do well in light of the recent tragedy, but at the same time Toronto has a lot of pressure too (not sure that's a good thing for them either) - 46 years since hoisting a cup and 9 years since their last playoff game. Toronto will have to come out playing rough & tough in my opinion and play it for all three periods, with a lot of shooting. If they don't the B's will wear them down physically. B's have the goaltending and defense in their favour.

Boston in 5. Small chance of 6, but only if the Leafs play a lot more physical than usual.

Pitt - 5 (maybe 4)

Habs - 5

Wash 6

Chi - 4

Det - 6

Van - 6

Kings - 7

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