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More Stones For $85


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Does this smell of "jee, we're not selling out the house with our $650 seats so we'll paper them the day of for $85 to fill it" or is it me?

Special $85 tickets for the 50 & Counting Tour sold out immediately when they first went on sale. Fans may have another opportunity to purchase a few additional seats at this price, once production is loaded in and availability can be determined.

Go here to register: http://bit.ly/RS_Register

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From Bob Lefsetz latest blog:


And this is the OFFICIAL CHANNEL!

Is someone brain dead there? It's almost impossible to watch this video and have a desire to go, talk about revealing the clueless men behind the curtain.

This is the Stones. A band that can't even play "The Last Time" as well as you did in middle school.

In case you've been buried in a hole, the Stones got rid of all those high-priced seats by blowing them out for $85. Four digits worth.

Doubt me?

Just read these tweets from Wes Brodsky (@WesBrodsky):

@Lefsetz how right you were... Look at the $85 ticket line at Staples for Rolling Stones. Slashed everything last min http://t.co/x9Lh0q45OC

@Lefsetz btw that line wraps around 3 times. Must be 2-3k tickets that got released at the $85 price point

Click through to that pic. You'll be stunned.

Then again, that's how it used to be, back when concert tickets cost 3, 4 and 5 dollars. Before greed turned everybody into a bottom-fisher.

In other words, these people would have gone for a reasonable price, they wanted to attend, but not for $600.

Meanwhile, they couldn't even bake in the fees?

I mean even the Eagles, who broke the triple digit ducat figure, don't have the chutzpah to charge extra, they include the fees in the ticket price.

But the dirty little secret is the twenty seven to forty bucks in fees are promoter profit.

In other words, the Stones are not part of the solution, but part of the PROBLEM!

And is anybody really gonna pay $600 for a ticket after this? Or are they just gonna wait for the bargain? This is how Ron Johnson lost his job running J.C. Penney, by trying to turn a second-rate brand based on discounts into his previous employer, Apple.

But even Apple doesn't insult you with prices this high.

Yup, you can see the Stones or buy an iPad, which will give you years of functionality, well, at least until the Cupertino company supersedes the model you've got, unlike the Stones, who've been playing the same old songs for decades.

And I got this interesting e-mail from a scalper:

"From: Brad Coombs

Re: Stones Tickets


A few observations from my brother-in-law at Circle City Tickets, in Indianapolis.


He's right on everything about how the markets work and that eventually people just say screw it I'm not going.

With social media if people are thinking that way it only takes a short time to get a "tipping point" where virtually no one new is going and the sales just stop. You'll always have the die-hards that will find a way to go no matter what but after that a lot of people only go so as not to be out of the loop socially.

Thanks for forwarding.


Mike Peduto

Circle City Tickets"

Yup, resellers know the game better than the Stones!

But come on, if the above video isn't taken down by time you read this, I'd be stunned.

There's no energy. The crowd looks like a parody of the seventies. The band is so thin they make Gwen Stefani look fat, and she looks like she stepped onto the set of "Cocoon," and she sucks besides...well, she adds nothing. Why didn't the band get someone their own age? It's not like the audience cares about Stefani, maybe only the press. Where was Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy? Fergie worked on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame special because that was made for everybody, for HBO, not fans.

So if anybody who was at this show says it was great, they're lying. Because we have evidence. This horrible video.

The Stones shouldn't have gone out at all.

They're a laughingstock.

Video may have killed the radio star, but social media and the Internet put a stake in the heart of the Rolling Stones, who should have quit while they were ahead, kept their money and stayed home.

They're an insult to history.

They rehearsed?

Paul McCartney is better in his SLEEP!

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There are some threads on Stones message boards about the seats that people were getting for their $85. It seems like a true mix of the house, a few did get shitty obstructed view- while others managed nice seats near the floor.

It sounds like a nice orderly process that was truly random (you got an envelope when you got to the window, they were not predetermined). Lineup reports ranged from 5:45 to 6:40 in line- and all in the house by 8:15.

I got lawned by PTBM for Toronto, so I am hoping for a little concert luck this time.

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There's almost certainly going to be more $85 tickets sold for each show on the tour. None are sold out and there's LOTS of seats for every show. They're just going to blow them all out to fill the rinks, like they did it LA. What's odd now is looking at all the big gaps in the tour dates where they probably expected to have to add multiple dates. It seems the naked greed that surrounds the band whenever they go on the road has come back to bite them on the ass.

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