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Hangout Festival is webcasting this weekend but you can't view the video from Canada.

I have had this problem before and the program I used to use is now so buggy that half the time it spoofs my address to another country where the content is not viewable- not to mention the pop ups are killing me.

What do you folks use? I prefer a nice easy free ware type thing.

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I do love this shit but at the same time I assume that this kinda thing must be how child pervs hide right??? They caught this freak but yesterday our area had a warning out about a fugitive American perv possibly in the Grey/Bruce area posing as an NHL scout...on this day our son decided to not go directly to his bus and not answer the calls for him...nightmare...he was simply real close by and ignoring the calls but got me thinking about this kinda thing and also about how the Canadian sex offender list is invisible to the Canadian public.

Still though..hide my ass is good and American Netflix kicks our Netfixs ass....what ya gunna do...

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Yeah, Hola works alright. It has it moments though. I found when using it while listening to Pandora (for example) if I left it running too long I had to reboot my pc or at very least close chrome (only tried chrome extension) and restart. After about 3hrs chrome would be taking up almost 90% of my cpu resources. Other then that no major complaints. It's simple, browser based and free.

Only downside I would give it is that you have to search the web for the scripts to any sites not added to Hola default list (they only offer a few) and if you don't completely know where to look, or what you're looking for, at, or how to run the scripts it can be frustrating.

[edit to add]

Another strike (as bouche mentioned) is you can only use it from your desk/laptop.

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