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At a friend's cottage this weekend we found tons of wild ramps. This is probably the last week for them in that area. Super tasty!

We had them one night as a side with Pickeral (blanched them and then sauteed with bacon and a hit of balsamic at the end) and another day on home made pizza.

I went out yesterday am and picked a bunch more and am planning on using them to make risotto.

They are super expensive at the markets so it was really sweet to just go out and dig up as much as we wanted.

Have a look for them in your area. They seem to like grow on rocky hills with lots of trilliums near by.

wild ramps

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Oh man, you guys are talking about "ail des bois"! That stuff was free when I was growing up and everyone ate it. The guys in grade school used to go home at lunchtime, eat tons of it, and then blow their sickly breath in girls' faces. Because of that, I have no desire for this stuff. There's a man near my work who sells that stuff on a street corner for cheap, but that's in Vanier.

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