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Demonoid Lives Again! [not really]


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Was about to post I hope it isn't the d2 site. I was happy a couple weeks back when I saw a link posted, but my firewall/antivirus went off after just visiting the site.

I believe this is third or fourth fake demonoid site that's popped up recently, so beware folks between viruses or the dirty tricks from canipre (who claims to have a million Canadian IPs in an upcoming lawsuit) keep your eyes and mind open when joining or downloading, especially from public trackers or supposed revived popular trackers (eg: demonoid, oink)

Canipre Admits It's Behind Voltage-TekSavvy File Sharing Lawsuits With Speculative Invoicing Scheme

Montreal firm monitoring illegal downloading for court cases

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I don't think it'd be that hard for some targeting agency to setup a fake torrent site with torrent lures like they do with bikes to target bike thieves.

Just don't get to clicky when these things pop up. I got a bit excited seeing the topic. should edit that.

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