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Atoms For Peace 2013 tour

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller


Atoms For Peace

June 15th, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

World Tour Warm-up Show

01 Default

02 Unless

03 The Eraser

04 The Clock

05 Black Swan

06 Ingenue

07 Dropped

08 Skip Divided

09 Atoms For Peace

10 Stuck Together Pieces

11 Reverse Running

12 Harrowdown Hill


14 Cymbal Rush


15 Before Your Very Eyes

16 Paperbag Writer

17 The Hollow Earth

18 Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses


19 The Present Tense

20 Rabbit In Your Headlights

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Guest Low Roller

I thought Thom's reaction was a bit harsh, but then again we don't know the whole story. The guy might have been talking the entire night, or might have been a douchebag scenester.

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Guest Low Roller

July 7, 2013

Heineken Music Hall

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1. before your very eyes

2. default

3. the clock

4. ingenue

5. reverse running

6. unless

7. and it rained all night

8. harrowdown hill

9. dropped

10. cymbal rush


11. feeling pulled apart by horses

12. rabbit in your headlights (!!!!)

13. paperbag writer

14. amok


15. atoms for peace

16. black swan

Source: CA-14 -> CA Stealth Battery Box Edirol R-09 ->USB2 ->Har-Bal v2.3 ->Wavelab v6.11 Build 353 ->CD Wave Editor v1.98


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