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Phish TM release of all the good seats right now!


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The whole ticketing situation for this show has been ridiculous. Few good seats available when tickets first went on sale, good seats available for below face value on Stubhub, and lots of good seats released close to show time. Does this now happen at most big Live Nation shows? Or is Phish a special situation? Would love an explanation from somebody who understands how this business works ...

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We cannot lie down and take this one. Please post if you find an email address that seems like it might belong to someone who might listen. There are 100's of us who are pissed off, and the tactics were totally transparent- surely we can make out voices heard.

I'm really tired and not exactly articulate right now but this is what I wrote to bettyfrost@phish.com with cc's to all I could find on their webpage:

HI Betty, I know you will be getting lots of mail so I will keep it short. What the heck happened with the ticketing for Toronto? At both PTBM and regular onsale time the best tickets that were being found by most (I will admit that one friend did receive Pits from the lottery) were 400 level at best.

Immediately following the onsale there was an onslaught of 200s to StubHub.

We all tried really hard to get good tix for the first show back in TO since 2000 (I was there and at 99 too); and then to watch Ticketmaster drop 300s and Pits over the weekend and then all of the remaining 200s yesterday.

I won't swear- or stomp on my soapbox- but I will just say that I am supremely dissapointed. I read that Phish got a $1 mill dollar bonus to play only LNation venues last summer. I would expect that will have to stay in place as fewer and fewer fans want to buy bad seats at the onsale- and will rather wait for prices to fall drastically on the secondary market due to the backhanded tactics. Would Phish really rather have Live Nations money, than from their own fans? Perhaps that is one of the reasons they are no longer a band that sells out shows- its too busy selling out its fans.

Lets be honest here the band or management is clearly playing with the on sales to ensure that the worst seats are eaten up by real fans, and then maybe you get some casual interlopers to buy the good seats near the show. Somehow this seems like a better way to sell more tickets to someone like Coran.

This is not acceptable and Phish fans won't stand for it. I will never ever buy tickets to a Phish event in advance again.

I hope the lid gets blown off of this situation like all of those manhole covers during the massive storm last night.

Even though I love the band -this will be my 63rd show- all travelling far and wide from Canada (even during the days of 52% currency exchange)- this is the first time I feel like they don't love us.

Too bad, so sad,

Sean Taylor

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