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Allgood 2013

boiler rat

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Furthur July 20 2013 Allgood - Thornville

Set 1

Dancin' in the streets

Don't ease me in

Music never stopped

After midnight

Mississippi half step

Uncle John's band

Good lovin'

Set 2

Feel like a stranger

Cryptical Envelopment>

Dark star>

Saint Stephen>

The other one>

Dark star

Stella blue

Scarlet begonias


*donor rap

E - Brokedown palace

Notes; Portions of the first set, Andy Falco, of the Infamous Stringdusters joined.

Also; Grace Potter joined on Lovelight.

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Weather had its moments. There was a pretty big lightening storm that delayed everything on Saturday. Lucky nobody was hit really, it was pretty intense. DSO did an acoustic set. They were having tons of problems with sound issues, because of all the lightening. Took them a while but they ended up figuring it out. Fruition, who seemed like they were going to be really great got shut down in their second song because the stage was getting flooded. It was hotter than hell the first couple days.

Highlights were YMSB of course because they fucking rock. Primus was pretty cool. I was tentative because that band scared me once, but it was very entertaining. Didn't really like the Grace Potter show, just wasn't suited to my pace, especially before the Stringdusters/Furthur sets. Incredible Stringdusters absolutely killed it. They blew me away. It's amazing what acoustic bands are doing these days.

Jackson had a great time, I think he missed Tonin though. Sara did well too. She's quite the trooper. During the hot part, she was ready to find a motel that's for sure but she made it.

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