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Phil & Friends second set Capitol Theater about to start

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I loved the moniker I read at PT regarding this latest incarnation:

Phil and the 4 J's

Scofield and Medeski? Are you kidding me? I totally missed that one when it was announced (or forgot about it). Cant wait to listen to these shows.

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Um...you HAVE to check out the recordings from this past weekend at vibes. I hope the recordings even begin to do the night justice. Both nights were so so good. Second set in particular on Saturday night was nothing short of cosmic. Just the sweetest woven tapestry of sound I have ever witnessed. It was a pleasure to watch the band members visibly get their minds blown by each other. Phil is a humble, beautiful man.

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This was the set list from Night 2 (Sat). Sooo good from start to finish. The Bird Song was blissful. Watchtower was RIPPIN with Scofield just tearing it up. All of second set (after Alligator in my opinion) was out of this world. But the Stella Blue in particular blew my mind. Pardon the cliché but don't know how else to state it.

Set 1:

Cumberland Blues

China Cat Sunflower

Cold Rain and Snow

Bird Song

All Along the Watchtower

I Know You Rider

Set 2:


New Speedway Boogie

He's Gone

Cryptical Envelopment

Dark Star> The Other One> Dark Star

Stella Blue

Not Fade Away


Donor Rap

Box of Rain

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