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Neil and Crazy Horse cancel Harvest Fest


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I had thought the headline alone gave it away. I mean, "Fred Penner replaces Neil Young at Greenbelt Harvest Picnic" is rather obvious in my opinion. The reaction on twitter has been hilarious, almost as good as the reaction (or outrage) to the article about HSR (Hamilton's city buses) charging folks fares based on their weight.

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I saw heard rumbling about Lightfoot earlier this afternoon, and then saw it announced on CHCH 11pm news.

Also on CHCH website:


A major announcement Thursday night for fans upset over the cancellation of Neil Young and his Crazy Horse band at the upcoming Greenbelt Harvest Picnic in Dundas.

Gordon Lightfoot is going to be appearing instead. But is that going to be enough for Neil Young fans demanding a full refund?

[edit to add]

Also on the spectator's website.

Lightfoot added to Greenbelt lineup

Neil Young's out, but Gordon Lightfoot's in.

Lightfoot, a Canadian folk-music legend, has been added to the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic lineup, organizers announced late Thursday.

The Orillia, Ont. native rose to fame with such hits as Sundown, If you Could Read My Mind, Early Morning Rain and Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald.

"We are very excited by the addition of Mr. Lightfoot and will be making more announcements in the coming days," Jean-Paul Gauthier, producer of the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, said in a press release.

The daylong festival at Christie Lake Conservation Area on Aug. 31 was to be Neil Young and Crazy Horse's first stop on a four-city North American tour.

But Young pulled out of the third annual show because of an injury to guitarist Frank Sampedro's hand.

This week, organizers offered a partial refund of $40 to concert goers, reducing ticket prices to $99.50.

Buyers of tickets from consignment locations can pick up their refund beginning Saturday, Aug. 24 at 10 a.m. They must produce photo ID and their tickets to do so.

The concert also features Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, Pegi Young and the Survivors, Trixie Whitley, Rocco DeLuca, the Arkells, Harlan Pepper, Basia Bulat, Whitehorse and Harrison Kennedy.


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The organizers have lost a lot of goodwill on this one, mine included, and that extends for the years to come. They should have offered both a $40 discount AND the option of a full refund for those who just wish to bail.

I'm no longer looking forward to this event and I blame the promoters.

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I believe this is a great first step in a tough situation. Now that there is a headliner that some would be willing to pay to see they should do what is right and give full refunds to all that want them.

I'm disappointed about Neil and was going to sell my two tickets at a loss(half price). Its now a decent lineup at a more reasonable price. I'm happy to go now but give fans that want the full refund their money back and let the new lineup and price point stand on its own merits.

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At $100 i think it's a great value to see Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois and Gordon Lightfoot, at the least. Still, it leaves a bad bad taste in my mouth that there are not FULL REFUNDS available for those who disagree.

This is the the third year of this event. Every year has featured Daniel Lanois and Emmylou Harris. I am ok with that. But the price almost doubled this year because of the addition of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. This is not a reality to ignore. From both a promoters point of view, this event immediately became "Neil Young And Crazy Horse" with "A Bunch Of Other Artists Playing Before Them" to "A Fill-In Gordon Lightfoot With Some Other Artists". I am going to this gig. I will enjoy it. I just wish I had a choice to not go and get my $ back, and I see you there TimmyB. It's not what got me - and many others - to get a ticket in the 1st place. I just feel offended I do not get an option of a full refund when the marquee headliner drops out, even in unfortunate circumstances. Get well, Poncho!

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Here's my letter to the promoter (cc'd the hamilton Spec):

To the promoter of Harvest Picnic,

I would normally start a letter of this nature with a series of niceties, but the absolutely insulting way you have dealt with the Neil Young cancellation issue makes it virtually impossible for me to do so.

Instead, allow me to start with a section of Canada's Consumer Protection Act I assume you are familiar with.

“It is an unfair practice for a person to use his, her or its custody or control of a consumer’s goods to pressure the consumer into renegotiating the terms of a consumer transaction.†Section 16, http://www.justicematters.ca/consumer-protection-act

It is absurd to think you would sell tickets to an event that clearly advertises a particular headlining act (Neil Young & Crazy Horse) and not offer a full refund when that headlining act cancels their appearance. It must be obvious to you that many people purchased tickets based solely on the advertised headlining act.

By not offering a full refund you are forcing many people to either a) attend a performance they are not interested in attending, or B) write off their ticket purchase.

If you, as the promoter, honestly feel that your current lineup is an attractive deal for consumers then the only sensible action is to offer a full refund to those that desire it, and sell tickets for the new lineup on it's own merit. To do anything else is to admit that the concert is no longer worth the purchase price.

In plain language, this is a no-brainer: If I order a hamburger in a restaurant they can't just serve me a bowl of soup and walk away shrugging, “Hey, we're out of hamburger todayâ€. C'mon now.

Finally, to speak to my particular circumstances, I am currently in Vancouver nearing the end of a six-week tour of North America specifically to see concerts (seventeen concerts in nine cities so far). The vacation was to end at Harvest Picnic before returning to my home in Ottawa. Now that I'm not interested in the lineup for Harvest Picnic I would like to a) stay a few extra days in British Columbia, or B) get back home to Ottawa a few days early.

As I purchased pre-sale tickets from the Neil Young website* there was no option of having tickets delivered; I can only pick them up in person, thus reselling the tickets is not an option.

Please, please give me my money back so I can choose one of these options. Otherwise your concert will be nothing but a money-grabbing scam to me, and I'm sure to many, many others.

*I wrote to the Neil Young website and was told the promoter had not authorised them to offer complete refunds.

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I'm heading to the site to set up later this afternoon- can't wait to see the new configuration. I'm hopeful that this event will be more satisfying than the lead up. Come see the Gestalt booth in the vendor area along the fence, stage left- we will have a Harvest Picnic special deal.



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Press release posted on the festival website yesterday has some new additions to the lineup:


September Seventh Entertainment Limited announced today that Martha Wainwright, Brian Griffith, Terra Lightfoot, Derek Miller and Dawn & Marra have been added to this year’s line up which includes Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, Arkells, Whitehorse, Basia Bulat, Trixie Whitley, Rocco DeLuca, Harlan Pepper, Pegi Young & The Survivors, Harrison Kennedy and Ohnia:kara and will take place on Saturday August 31st at Christie Lake Conservation Area in Dundas, Ontario. Gates open at 11AM and show starts at 12PM. The event serves to celebrate the importance of the Greenbelt, local farmers, community horticulture, art, the outdoors and the eat-local movement.

Martha Wainwright is the daughter of folk legends Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle and sister of acclaimed singer songwriter Rufus Wainwright. Born in New York City and raised in Montreal, she spent her childhood immersed in music and often performing with her parents. She took the first step in her own recording career in 1998 when she contributed her song “Year of the Dragon†to her mother and aunt’s album The McGarrigle Hour.

Martha’s third studio album, Come Home To Mama, is her first collection of original music in four years and was produced by Yuka C. Honda of Cibo Matto.

Born on the Six Nations of the Grand River, Mohawk Territory, in Canada, Derek Miller became interested in music in his early teens, and by the late ’90s had garnered a Juno for both his debut album, ‘Music Is the Medicine’ and sophomore album ‘The Dirty Looks’ in 2008.

Derek’s latest album ‘Derek Miller with Double Trouble’ takes us to the heart of Native Americana romanticism. It uses vintage tones and aesthetics of 50’s rock and roll with a modern twist, telling the story of a mythical man who has a blind moment of insanity and the events that got him to that point. The first single ‘Damned If You Do’ features Willie Nelson singing a duet with Derek.

Terra Lightfoot began her recording career Toronto Island with acclaimed engineer Dale Morningstar in 2009. Since then, Lightfoot has become one of Hamilton’s most notable solo artists as well as a member of country act, The Dinner Belles.

Dawn and Marra’s performance comes on the heels of the Dundas duet’s second studio album, "Teaspoons and Tablespoons". The two recorded the album in Vancouver with noted indie producer Howard Redekopp (Said the Whale, Mother Mother, Paper Lions, The Reason).

As a member of the famed Washington clan, Brian Griffith has long been known as one Hamilton’s most influential guitarists. As a kid, he learned to play guitar by listening to his uncle, the iconic Jackie Washington. He has recorded and played with Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Harrison Kennedy, Tom Wilson and Dave Rave to name a few.

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12:00-12:25PM Harlan Pepper

12:27-12:57PM Harrison Kennedy

1:09-1:44PM Pegi Young & The Survivors

2:00-2:30PM Martha Wainwright

2:47-3:22PM Basia Bulat

3:39-4:09PM Rocco DeLucca

4:26-5:01PM Whitehorse

5:16-5:56PM Trixie Whitley

6:23-6:58PM Arkells

7:15-8:10PM Emmylou Harris

8:27-9:27PM Gordon Lightfoot

9:47-10:47PM Daniel Lanois

10:47- 11:17PM All-Star Jam


12:59-1:09PM Daniel Lanois

1:47-2:00PM TBA

2:32-2:47PM Derek Miller

3:24-3:39PM Dawn & Marra

4:11-4:26PM TBA

5:03-5:16PM Brian Griffith

5:58-6:23PM Ohnia:kara

7:00-7:15PM Terra Lightfoot

8:12-8:27 Rocco DeLuca

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