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Days of You with Blind Mule - Thursday - Hamilton


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Homegrown Hamilton presents







Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Cover $6, Doors: 9pm, 19+


The early 90′s witnessed the advent of a number of rock and roll bands returning to the spirit of live improvisatory, root-oriented rock and roll. Groups such as Phish, the Spin Doctors and Blues Traveller represented the notions of “going for the moment†and “taking chances†that was so much the essence of the music of the late 60′s and 70′s. Days of You were Canada’s entry into what some called the post-Dead sweepstakes. Some would say they were the only Canadian Jamband. They enjoyed opening up for Spin Doctors, Blues Traveller, Kingfish, Merle Saunders and numerous others.

Since the days of cross-Canada tours in the 1990′s, when their reputation was built via community radio, word-of-mouth and the organic level of kineticism they regularly generated between band and audience, Days of You grew into a dynamic four-piece original rock band that carved itself a unique and exciting niche in the music scene of the day.

The name Days of You became synomynous with commitment to musical ideals, social conscience, dazzling musicianship, thought provoking harmonies and compelling lyrics. These attributes – set within the framework of the band’ rock, jazz, reggae, blues, folk and country influences, coupled with a penchant toward experimentation and lengthy stage improvisation – created a unique hybrid, endearing to a following of inspired people country-wide.

The 2000′s saw a hiatus for the band, only to be replaced in the 2010′s with a triumphant return.

The band’s upcoming LP release, You Belong Where You Go, anchors this triumphant return and is a culmination of more than 20 years of musical interplay and mature song writing. With Mark Thackway, the founding member and guitar wizard providing dancing lines around the inspiring rhythm section of Steve Himel (bass), Jamie Grossman (drums) and Anton Helman (keyboards), the album shows the breadth of roots as well as progressive music that has influenced them over the years. A beautiful ballad caps the album with Himel’s recently found biological sister Conner Vincent, a recording artist in her own right, trading vocal lines and singing harmony, bringing intense emotional brevity.

BLIND MULE has progressed from many musical directions since their inception in 2007, and their music has evolved from a folk roots duo, to a diverse sounding quintet, revolving around alt-country boogie, which dives into progressive pop, throws in a dash of reggae/ska, and live, rounds it out with many jams and an energetic stage performance, creating a recipe that keeps the dance floor alive and the music fresh.

As a band that escaped death while on tour in a sudden snow fall in BC, while going down steep mountains with worn out tires, or having toured in a minivan with 7 people for 2 months at a time, or travelling for 6000 km with a intermittently, next to broken transmission, due to lack of funds while on the road, whatever it took to get to the next gig, Blind Mule have always been about the adventure of bringing their music to the people.

After touring the country countless times, BM has played many types of showcases, including the ‘Northern Lights Festival Boreal’ sharing the stage with the likes of Joel Plaskett and Serena Ryder, or a hippy commune house party, where they played 7 sets of music til the wee hours of the night, to playing in a parking lot in a native community in Northern Ontario opening for Trooper, or experiencing the magic of the Artswells Festival in Northern BC, where the whole festival takes over the small town of Wells.

Blind Mule has been touring for 6 years throughout Canada, and are only now releasing their self/titled debut EP in January 2013, and on this introduction album, two of the songs, ‘Who is Gonna Pay’ and ‘Not Your Home’ (featuring Coco Love Alcorn), were produced early on in the beginnings of BM, which evolves into a bigger band sounding album, with ‘Day I was Born’, ‘Firehouse’, and ‘Bend it’, to our last additional song, ‘Pickin up your Feet’, featuring our keyboardist as the secondary lead vocalist in the band.

Band Members:

Graham Peacefull – Lead Vox/Guitar

Joey Balducchi – Lead Guitar/Vox

Jon Edwards – Keys/Banjo/Vox/accordian

Jonny Kerr – Bass/Vox

Josh Snively – Drums

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