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Sparks Street (Ott.) Ribtoberfest


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You begged.

You pleaded.

You waved a sauce covered fist at us and screamed:

Bring back the Ribbers!


RibtoberFest is on Sparks Thursday October 3rd to Sunday October 6th. Release your inner foodie on 15 of the best King’s of the ‘Q’s from across North America.

A full list of ribbers and other vendors is coming soon!

Four glorious days. Ribs. Chicken. BBQ sauce. Your stomach can’t wait!

To find out more about Ribtoberfest contact:




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i was disappointed with Ribfest yet again this year. Well, i hadn't gone for a few years after previous disappointments (realizing i can make way better stuff at home) but went back this year and wasted $18.

i tried the "Bones BBQ" place or something like that. it was mediocre, meat wasn't bad but not really good either, and their their beans (cold) tasted like apricot jam and the coleslaw was soup.

i heard someone talking about Swine Fellows place saying it was good, so may be the one to try if anyone is going...

also i was filmed by CTV stuffing my face so look for me on the news, LOL

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