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Go Chipolopolo Go!


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So there's a huuuuuge soccer match (football game) happening today, the Zambian team Chipowopowo is playing the Ghana team Black Stars today in Ghana. If Zambia wins they go to the World Cup for the first time ever.

Big deal 'round here - everyone in Lusaka is wearing green jerseys.

Here's the thing - Ghana hasn't lost a home game in 25 years!!!!

I just read in the paper that Ghanian officials received intelligence that people intended to sneak into the stadium and plant juju (black magic) against the home team, so the gov't has installed 500 armed guards around the stadium 24/7 to suppress the voodoo terrorists.


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Funny you say that. When you're stuck in traffic people walk up and down between the cars selling a myriad of household items. Lots of them are selling mirrors, big mirrors in frames. I saw two different people selling puppies.

Wait at a light and you could buy a blender, sunglasses, eggbeaters, you name it.

Oh, our guide said that whenever Zambia wins a really big game the prostitutes across the country offer their services for free for the rest of the night. Apparently it's their way of supporting the team.

For reals.

Oh, and women think it's crazy to get mad at your husband for cheating, but if a woman cheats she is often killed by her husband, an action that is also socially accepted.

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