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I'm now in the vinyl game!


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Pulled the old turntable (Dual 1258), amp (Sherwood S-9180 CP) and speakers (Zenith Allegro) out of my Mom's basement yesterday. Grabbed a couple of records at Value Village on the off-chance the neglected 30 year-old gear would work. Lo and behold, it all seems to be working perfectly. Pumped!

Any recommendations for record stores in Ottawa? I live on Elgin, so Birdman and Compact in the Glebe are both pretty close to me.

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near where Mavericks and The Beer Store are located

You understand my concept of geography very well.

Also, anywhere to get my turntable worked on? It has a minor mechanical flaw (the barbs on the centre post don't automatically retract when they should) which I would like to get taken care of so long as it won't be stupid expensive.

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this site is great to let you know what's coming out


buycdnow.ca is great for new prices. They sometimes destroy prices from retailers in town and get hard to find stuff

http://diamondgroove.com/ this guy is just outside of hamilton. Someone here told me about him years ago. His rare vinyl is out of this world. I personally went to his shop this past summer and spent a grand in about a half an hour. Great Great stuff!!! He will ship to you.

ebay.ca and discogs.com are great resources. As is Amazon.ca and amazon.com, i sometimes us the german and uk amazon sites too.

will update more in a bit

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key shops in town are in order of importance

www.turningpointmusic.ca for used

www.vertigorecords.ca for new

therecordcentre.com/ for used and new

www.compactmusic.ca/‎ for new

www.cdwarehouse.ca/locations.asp‎ on clyde


593-B Bank Ottawa, ON

(613) 233-0999 for eclectic and music no one has ever heard of lol.

check here too


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