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And Phish sold this many tix for Toronto this year.......

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Billboard magazine, as I am sure most know, is the industry "bible" and the "Boxscore" listings are the numbers submitted by promoters/venues and management companies regarding ticket sales. What you see on that list are just what was submitted to Billboard in the past week. Next week could have listings that predate those you see in this week's.

Fudging the numbers in any way is a sure fire way to get you blacklisted. Good or bad, it is expected that the numbers are reported. These numbers are as accurate as can be. Venues, promoters and all sorts use these as a means of monitoring how acts and markets are faring.

What is that a box score of? It must only be the people that happily disclose or something. No Stones?

The Stones toured last May. Gotta google this shit.


there's the Canadian show numbers. Sell outs.

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That sounds about right. Interesting that the top 10 were 3 for Phish and 7 for DMB and most of the top 50 spots were occupied by those two plus Bruno Mars and a couple of Michael Buble shows.

Jam might be dead, but its got a beautiful corpse.

to make sure others understand, they Phish and DMB are up there because presumably Red Light dumped ALL of Summer sales to Billboard just this week. When Madonna or Depeche Mode or he Red Hot Chili peppers tour and those numbers get released, they flood the weekly list. Again, this is not a list of The Most Successful Acts Of 2013, it's simply a list of what new info Billboard got this week. None of these will carry over to next week's listings.

Not saying you didn't get that Sean, just clarifying in general.

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