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Dean Del Mastro Faces Election Spending Charges


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So much for the CPC's claim it was a left-wing conspiracy by sore losers (MPs) trying to smear the "good name" of Del Mastro, and to think Harper just shuffled him from the Prime Minister's Parliamentary secretary to three MPs Parliamentary secretary, and gave him a 16k a year raise.


OTTAWA - Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro and his former official agent are facing a string of charges under the Canada Elections Act.

Del Mastro, a parliamentary secretary who represents the riding of Peterborough, faces four charges in connection with allegations that he wilfully exceeded the legal spending limit in the 2008 election.

Del Mastro's former agent, Richard McCarthy, faces three charges.

The Commissioner of Canada Elections alleges Del Mastro and McCarthy failed to submit $21,000 in expenses they paid to an Ottawa-based political consulting firm, instead only declaring $1,575.

Del Mastro was the parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper until just last week, when he was moved to the economic development portfolio.

Harper, who was in New York meeting with Canadian and American business leaders, refused to comment on the charges.

The penalties for contravening the Canada Elections Act range from fines to imprisonment.

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