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The Hold Steady to crowdfund new covers EP


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NewRider please hook us up with a house show. I'll pitch.


It's been three and a half years since Midswestern rockers the Hold Steady released their last album, Heaven Is Whenever. While they've yet to release a follow-up (aside from that Game of Thrones song), they're now working on new material. First up, a covers EP.

The group are seeking the help of fans to crowdfund the project via PledgeMusic, with an undisclosed portion of the proceeds going toward the K+L Foundation in memory of their fan and friend Mike "Jersey Mike" Van Jura.

Van Jura was the unofficial leader of the Hold Steady's fan club The Unified Scene, and eventually became a friend of the band. He passed away in November 2012.

Each member of the Hold Steady will choose a song to cover on the new five-song EP. Once that's released, they'll get to work on their next full-length album, which is expected in 2014.

There are multiple options for donations, each with their very own perks. These range from joining frontman Craig Finn on a jog or sharing a six-pack with the band, to hosting a live Hold Steady house show (for the standard house-show price of $15,000).


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