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No Allgood Festival in 2014


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who knows? It rained a lot last year and that ruined a good chunk of the festival (cancelled/delayed sets, bad sound) There's nothing anybody can do about that I guess but maybe because the site acts like a fish bowl in heavy rain? (Fruition were standing in about a foot of water, on the stage before they were send off the stage). There were other logistics things about that site that weren't very good for really large crowds. Personally, we were done with it. It's not really kid friendly and it was hard enough with one let alone a second kid. Something about fireworks going off and loud bands on the mainstage at 2:00 make it a bit hard for the young'uns.

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I like Buckeye Lake...but our epic trek to set up acreage of camp in the woods definitely resulted in us having an amazing set up which was a huge factor. If we had stayed on the sloping, TOTALLY rammed, corn stock-filled field they had initially put us in it would have been a really different experience. I loved the optics and feel of being nestled in the concert bowl itself...great eye candy and nice and intimate. But I wasn't there last year and I can imagine the downside of the fishbowl scenario in the heavy rain.

I'm really surprised to hear that they are not doing a festival at all this year. That leaves a huge void...the whole hiatus thing is not particularly encouraging, but I sure do hope they manage to bring it back.

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