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DIRK QUINN BAND - Sat Jan 25 - The Loft @ Sealed Art, Hamilton BYOB!!


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Prepare to feast your eyes on enriching visuals and to dance your ass off!!

Saturday January 25th 2014

At The Loft, 89 Gage Ave. S. in Hamilton. (corner of Main and Gage)

Gallery viewing begins at 6pm

Art Exhibition featuring sculptures and paintings by Keisha Neoma-Quinn

Exhibition Closing Night starts with LIVE Music at 9pm

Upstairs at The Loft

$20 cover


Dirk Quinn Band



Charlie Banjo Bean


Charlie Banjo Bean:

You might have met her at the art crawl under the name Keisha, but if she was dancing at the Saloon in Ghost Town, she would have said Charlie. Artist by day, Bluegrass Queen by night. Whichever name you know her by, Charlie Banjo Bean is definitely cool beans. When she straps on her five string, she’ll pick it pretty and belt it loud. It has been said that she can sing "You Are My Sunshine" in such a way that no harmonies could add anything. She could sing all damn day.

(small taste of Charlie)


This is solo BASS looping at its core. Itzkotron lays down all of his sounds using the low end theory. These sonic frequencies portray a unique progressive experimental energy. A BASSic experience that will ease your mood and prepare you for a very good night.



Toadhouse fans like to hop around in the rain. Whether you’re a frog with a condo, or a salamander in a castle, you are always welcome to join us for some hoppin’ and boppin’ in the Toadhouse. This Jam/Funk/Progressive Band from Hamilton uses improvisation as a key tool in developing their sound. With smiles on their lips and flies in their bellies, they’ll play you a set consisting of mostly Jam-rock originals, with a few essential mossy-covered-logs on the side. Come jump in the mud with Toadhouse.


Dirk Quinn Band:

Hailing all the way from Philadelphia, this high energy funk/jazz band has developed a unique and progressive style that has attracted the direly committed attendance of fans ranging from jam band hippies to jazz snobs. With impressive melodic sensibilities, rhythmic experimentation and an accessible modern edge, these talented musicians will lay beautiful and delicate movements on your ears before drawing you through evil dissonance and into the hard driving funk at its core. As the thoughtful, original melodies flow seamlessly over groove-heavy rhythms, organic improvisations guide the intricate song structures, providing a new strongly expressive experience every single time. Drawing inspiration from every musical genre, Dirk Quinn and the extremely talented and like-minded musicians with which he surrounds himself will give you something to dance about, and hum happily in your head for days.


Keisha Neoma-Quinn:

Keisha Neoma-Quinn lets her mind float and fall, play and explore into the far depths of her imagination from whence she opens the channels for ideas to flow out through her hands for all to see. Keisha’s creations stem from passions, from dreams and from those colourful places somewhere in her head that she’s never really been to and doesn’t quite understand, yet is somewhat aware of and finds somehow familiar. This body of work is engaging, energetic and expressive of pure creativity. The sculptures and paintings draw from the experience of live music, relationships with the natural world, and automatic free associations. With her art, Keisha aims to instil a positive feeling, a sense of fun and play for those who view the work, to remind them of the possibilities of silliness and imagination, and to enjoy life. The pairing of her creations with live music has been an ambition for some time, and how befitting for it to come to fruition in this particular space with an ideal selection of musical performances to highlight these visuals.


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