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Mash Potato Mashers @ Irene's (Ott.) April 4


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The last final ultimate hindmost terminal Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers gig concludes our four-year run as Earth's only hope in the struggle against alien hordes with their ray guns that make you stop wiggling your booty or something, that joke was funnier in my head quite frankly. But it's at Irene's and it's going to be great and loud and fun and you should come. We'll start playing at 9:30 SHARP* but you should come earlier and enjoy some nachos and beer while we debate the set list and all try not to kiss Matt Ouimet right on the mouth. Will he wear the shorts? There's only one way to find out! Unless you just stay home and look at photos on facebook tomorrow. You could do that, I guess. You're not as young as you used to be, and sometimes it's nice just to have a quiet evening at home with a glass of scotch and a roaring fire while rain falls gently on the window. But wait, that's not rain! Those are micro-probes, advance scouting parties sent by the aliens I mentioned before, who are in orbit around the planet! They've got their lasers pointed right at you, and the only cure is to MASH MASH MASH one last time. Pants optional (please put your pants back on if the staff of Irene's asks you to - trust me)!

Enjoy our pre-concert activites, including our patented MASHERS-style prenatal yoga, an interfaith prayer circle (remember that only the person holding the talking stick is allowed to drink from the sacred gourd of Sanderson), and as always, something for the kids (please bring your own shit to keep those brats quiet)!

After the gig there'll be a 4-hour Q&A session with Mike, who will respond only in interpretive dance. More of a Q&ID, really. Buy one of our extra-absorbent MEMPM handtowels and wipe the sweat from Mike's brow as he spins and whirls. Washing the towel voids your warranty. Don't wash the towel. For the love of god, never ever wash the towel. Why would you? Don't.

See you tonight! And then never again!




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