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Toadhouse - Live in Kitchener


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Don't lick the toads.

The date of this show is Feb 21 btw.

I agree with New Rider, don't miss out on your chance to get on the Toadhouse bandwagon, featuring jambands.ca's own Prost shredding the guitar.

They are not only a really great bunch of guys but hugely talented. Nothing better than a trio of good players. They do some great original tunes and usually have a few beauty's by that band Phish.

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The venue is under new management. I guess it used to have a bad rap. I met with the owner today and asked about the "no knapsack" rule having to be on every poster and he wouldn't budge! Apparently too many people have brought in their own booze.

I tried to assure him this was a mature enough crowd but who am I kidding... I booked the show, I'm bringing a knapsack!!!!

I really hope a lot of ya'll in the area can make it out. The whole night belongs to Toadhouse and I'm sure it's going to be a great night.

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I'm out of town at that time but definitely intrigued about a new or unfamiliar to me live music venue in the city. They certainly hired the right man to clean up their reputation ;) I jest. Hope it goes well, that it is a good space and that you're able to continue to bring in some good bands

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