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TekSavvy ordered to identify 2000 customers who downloaded films


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TORONTO - A Canadian Internet service provider has been ordered to hand over the names and addresses of about 2,000 customers who are alleged to have downloaded movies online.

A Federal Court decision released Thursday compels Ontario-based TekSavvy to identify the customers allegedly linked to downloads of films by the U.S. production company Voltage Pictures, which is behind the likes of "The Hurt Locker," "Dallas Buyers Club" and "Don Jon."

But while the court sided with Voltage's efforts to go after copyright violators, it sought to protect against the company acting "inappropriately in the enforcement of its rights to the detriment of innocent Internet users."

"On the facts of this case, there is some evidence that Voltage has been engaged in litigation which may have an improper purpose. However, the evidence is not sufficiently compelling for this court at this juncture in the proceeding to make any definitive determination of the motive of Voltage," wrote judge Kevin Aalto.

Aalto ordered that before Voltage can send a letter to the alleged downloaders, it must return to court to get the wording of its communications cleared by a case management judge.

"In my view, the order herein balances the rights of Internet users who are alleged to have downloaded the copyrighted works against the rights of Voltage to enforce its rights in those works," Aalto wrote.

"In order to ensure there is no inappropriate language in any demand letter sent to the alleged infringers, the draft demand letter will be provided to the court for review.

"Any correspondence sent by Voltage to any subscriber shall clearly state in bold type that no court has yet made a determination that such subscriber has infringed or is liable in any way for payment of damages."

Updates to the federal Copyright Act in 2012 capped damages for non-commercial copyright infringement at $5,000.

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Nice. Thanks for info & link. I was using unblock-us for a bit, but now-a-days I've just taken a different approach to my downloading - few reasons, but none because of being warned or caught. No more constant d/l'ing, now it's more-less 1 month on, 2 off type of thing, no more massive (200-500gb a month) d/l sessions, careful selection of source(s), no public trackers, (doesn't mean privates are that much safer tho), and basically nothing really major or released within 6 months (games/films etc). In 15 years with same ISP never had as much as warning - doesn't mean I'm immune, just lucky perhaps. regardless, want to keep it that way..lol

Tried to get Teksavvy years ago, but they wouldn't accommodate my area and fortunately my small ISP (flawed as it is at times) dropped d/l caps years ago. If I really want to watch/stream something not available here and not being a big TV/movie watcher anyway I find the the Hola extension (for chrome) covers my needs now.

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Totally. The way I look at it is you don't have to be the fastest fish in the sea, you just have to be faster than the other fish. The way you're going about things is pretty much that, other people will be getting letters long before you do and when that starts happening you can consider your options.

VPNs, at this point, are a good idea if you're worrying about things (things being copyright infringement and general shenanigans). I've been taking a lot of information security courses, it piqued my interest, and I just said WTF, it's only 40 bones. It's a good service but there's better but not many, here's the rankings.

If you want to pay more there's services that make it easier to hop around the world and use netflix from multiple regions. With the service I'm paying for I have to set it up in my router as opposed to in my ps3 but it's no big burden for me.

I actually love the service, servers are fast, I can hop around the world and I don't have to worry about my activities being tracked and log. That said, I'm trusting them buuuuuuut the SLA is there, it's what they specialize in, they'll notify you if the SLA changes and it's not overly pricey.

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