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Mountain Jam?

afro poppa

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Go early. The later you get there, the higher up the mountain you are- and you end up sleeping on an incline.

I highly recommend the on site hotels which you can drive right up to, load your stuff into your hotel thus not having heavy handed security guards ripping through your well packed stuff and the walk is very short from main stage to the comfort of your room.

Once you are in, Mountain Jam is great - but it's a frustrating entry between parking, security upon entry and the long and sometimes uphill walks with all of your gear. Also the local police set up checkpoints on the way in to catch anyone who is being a dum dum while driving.

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Jambase.com has unearthed an audio recording of an EPIC version of The Allman Brothers Band performing the tune for which our festival was named, “Mountain Jam,†from June 21, 2000 at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.

Derek Trucks recalls night they took “‘Mountain Jam’ to Mars†at the outset of a tour with Jimmy Herring filling position left vacant by Dickey Betts. Trucks remembers, “…after the show, we get on the bus, Gregg walks on and goes ‘OK, who’s the fucking Phish fan? That was too much.’â€

Enjoy below;

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Spend a little time on the mountain!!! Getting stoked for this! Apparently creeping up soon. I believe we have 14 Canucks (that I know of) roped in...


Anyone have space in their car? ;)

Hey Ari,

Not quite sure what the situation is on that at this point. I will keep you in mind as plans unfold for everyone. Possible a space may come up

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