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The Jimmy Swift Band farewell show at Evolve Festival

Jay Funk Dawg

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I had worked with the band over many years and I thought it was great to see the band back together. they split up over personal issues, so to see them patch up their differences and go back out on the road was good to close out their career on a positive note.

The band really did have some great songs and put on a great show. I think if they would have worked the US market much harder in the early years they would have had some major success... they were a very original sounding band with each member a very strong musician... and together they were a powerhouse.

There's also an emotional maybe introspective sound to their music, and having been a part of the Evovle Festival for 15 years, I do feel their music had a special impact to the audience at Evolve. I don't expect everyone to care, but for me these guys are my friends, former room-mates, collaborators... I gave a fu@k.

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Thanks for posting this, Jay. Having been an undergrad student out east during the JSB's early-00s heyday (my first show of theirs was a Fly Jimmy Swift show in '99), these guys were *our* band. I was sad to see the bottom drop out so quickly, and agree that had they gone harder stateside - and pushed "Drive By" as means to get exposure and pay the bills - things could have gone differently.

Regardless, I have great memories associated with this band, and was glad to see their run end with a dignified punctuation.

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