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New "Texting only" café due to open in Westboro in September

Davey Boy 2.0

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Ottawa - Local teens are creating a social media storm over a new café set to open in Ottawa's trendy Westboro neighbourhood. The hook? Talking is not allowed on the premises- even when placing your order. Clients will be required to identify themselves while waiting in line by the colour of their clothing and place their order accordingly.

The new owner, Frederick Nash is quite excited to be tapping into the latest trend and commented (by email) "Kids, teens and adults alike are now so used to using their phone to communicate that we thought we would take it a step further and open Texté to cater to their needs. Also we won't have to pipe in any music as it will be assumed that each patron will have earphones and their own music. We will however stream classic new age tracks via our Facebook page and also plan to have a strong Twitter presence."

Texté is currently being constructed and plans to have extra iPhone chargers as well as wireless chargers on hand for their clientele. A Selfies booth is also in the plans, a post-post modern take on photo booths of yore.

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"...(W)e thought we would take it a step further and open Texté to cater to their needs."

So the idea that the option to text your restaurant order as opposed to saying it aloud is considered a "need", like people are hankering for such a service?

"oh," I can hear them type, "if olny thr ws a place wher i could sms the w8er. talking sux lol"


Surprised they're going bricks and mortar for this project.

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