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Gathering of the Vibes 2014

mark tonin

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After having a great time at last year's festival, I made a relatively last minute decision to head the the Vibes this year with Liana. This was my second trip to Seaside Park for GOTV - my first one was last year with a crew of kids from this board. ;) It was Liana's first visit. We drove most of the way on Wednesday and then headed into the festival late morning on Thursday. We both had a fabulous time at the festival! Although there was some rain, the weather held up nicely and we both managed to take in lots of music over the course of the weekend. And bringing our bikes to the festival was a wise decision, as it made it easy for us to zip to the festival grounds or to the beach from our campsite in a few minutes. After setting up camp, having a few beverages, and checking out the festival grounds and beach on our bikes, we headed into the concert area on Thursday in the late afternoon. Over the course of the weekend, I managed to take in a lot of great music, with my personal highlights (in order of appearance) as follows:


Strangefolk - I caught most of their set on Thursday and would definitely check them out again, as I liked the mix of lyrics and jammy music that I heard.


Dark Star Orchestra - I always enjoy this band, and although there were a number bands that played before them on Thursday, it felt like things kicked into high gear when these guys started playing. For this show, they picked their own setlist rather than recreating one, and they started with Shakedown Street, so some dancing happened. :) After DSO, we opted for some needed rest rather than late night music; that ended up being our decision every night. I must be getting old. :)


Keller Williams' Grateful Grass - Keller, with Reed Mathis and Jeff Austin, playing the Dead; what a great way for me to kick off Friday.


Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue - loved the super high energy and funky music that these guys played.


Joe Russo's Almost Dead - another excellent Grateful Dead "cover" band; would definitely check these guys out again


John Fogerty - it's hard to believe that he's almost 70 years old, given how good his voice and guitar playing still are. An excellent set of radio rock tunes.


Lotus: Talking Heads Deconstructed - these guys did a great job presenting the music of one of my all-time favourite bands. I had my fingers crossed that this would be good, and it was better than that. Did someone say dance party?!


Leftover Salmon - I didn't get up close for these guys, and ended up socializing and snacking during their set, but I still enjoyed what I heard.


Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Wow, mind-blowing. Would love to see these two in a theatre.


Dumpstaphunk - Once again, did someone say dance party?!


Widespread Panic - Yes, it's confirmed again. They rock big time.


Donna the Buffalo - I've wanted to see this band for a long time, and after seeing them at the Vibes, I am determined to see them again. A sweet mix of music and lyrics.


There were a number of other musical acts on the bill that I know I would have enjoyed, but I couldn't take it all in.


Thanks to the Vibes organizers for a weekend of music that fed my soul!



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Thanks for sharing Mark.  This "kid" sure missed being there this time round.  I love the venue and the festival and I thought that the line-up shaped up to be very solid over time.  Having the ocean is just so great.  Would have loved to see Fogerty.  Definitely on the radar for next year, and don't worry pops we'll get you out to one of the late night shows again ;) I know you still have it in you

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