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phish vegas

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who's in. We are doing. New deal bb, phish halloween, moe. bb after party, phish night two, moe. after party, greesky bluegrass matinee bb and phish night three. Will be trying to pace myself to get it all in. Staying at mgm as well. Hope to score large on Saturday for Halloween show!!

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I dont care what you spent to go to Vegas. That 'costume' set was worth whatever it cost or however long your trip was short. I watched things as they were going down and couldnt make heads nor tails of anything aside from loving every moment. I cant even begin to imagine what it was like inside the MGM but I am extremely joyful for my friends who were watching that madness unfold.


To answer your question Phish? Yes. That is precisely what we wanted.

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once we were handed the phishbill there was still a buzz of confusion. Many people saying this is a Hoax they are going to start with this and wip into something else. Once the house got moved to an empty stage we all knew they were actually doing the album but know one knew how they were going to execute it. It was a great element of suprise and when they executed it so well there was just a joy philled in the room, every one was so excited to be there and experiencing that moment. It was great to be there. And MGM as a venue rocks large!!! Yes sir no glass but bring in your beer to the show.. no problem!! heaven!!

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