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Vintage Trouble coming to Mavericks, Sept 24


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Too bad about their stupid name!



yeah, I read about that.  




 I couldn’t help but wonder, however, what (who?) allowed them to settle on the name Vintage Trouble- which quite frankly, I think sucks. They’ve opened for the Who- so I guess, it’s working. I figure they want people to know they are old school, and badass- but c’mon guys.
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from Wikipedia:




The band's followers are known as "Troublemakers". They have formed a fan base with networks reaching all over the globe. In Billboard, Taylor gave a nod to what has become one of the primary components of the Vintage Trouble set-up. He said that "they have been one of the main things that have kept Vintage Trouble going. They're like part of our band, management, and press team. We definitely couldn't do it without them."[
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holy crap.  That show joins the great shows like The Slip, Sisters Euclid, etc that have occurred at Maverick's over the years….but really it was worthy of a television special.


90 minute non-stop show with a 20 minute acoustic set of tunes promoting their new album the Swinghouse Acoustic Sessions.  Ran into a few people who had only heard of them from opening for The Who.  While there were others that were knocked over by them at bluesfest like myself.


Ty ended up at the drinks bar up front dancing and singing on the bar. He even finished with a classic knee slide on the freaking bar!  Later on he teased the crowd about surfing and then just said fuck it and crowd surfed.  


Here's a small clip from the acoustic stuff.


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