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Antibalas in Hamilton Sunday Sept 14


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A nice afternoon.  Kids had a blast.  Happy the airplane they were climbing all over held steady.  The schedule was not accurate in terms of timing or band orders but oh well.  Unfortunately had to bow out just as Charles Bradley was coming on.  A good thing they have going on down there.  Hope to explore it a little deeper next time round

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Guest Low Roller

Yeah, the schedule was pretty altered. Charles Bradley insinuated some trouble at the border? Regardless of the dead time on the main stage it was an excellent day, and week-end, of music!

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The change in schedule for the mainstage on Sunday worked for me in that I got to see Antibalas (who went on later than planned) but didn't get to see Charles Bradley (who also went on later than planned). Antibalas sounded so damn good!  Too bad about missing Charles Bradley.


They also announced Sunday that Sugarman 3 would be doing a surprise set on Sunday night at This Ain't Hollywood with some other Daptones people probably stopping by.  Did anyone make it out to that?


Out of all the Supercrawls I'd say that this time around I saw the least amount of music. The lineup just didn't do a lot for me (except for Sunday main stage). Good times seeing and catching up with old friends though. That circus on Saturday night was pretty out there too, pretty cool.

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