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So it is true...


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 I remember it happening but I was camping so I didn't make it. 


I have a few untracked 99 shows kickin' around on a DVD somewhere. I'll have to dig it up and check if that show is one of them.


If you find it, I'd be glad to help out with uploading it (or any others you find, UM, FatCats, or others).




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Thanks Brad, I believe I still have all the necessary programs, cables and gear to transfer, and my LMA account is still good, but I'll keep that in mind, much appreciated. I am kinda motivated to check lately since one of the three main Gourds tapers recently uncovered a few boxes of cassette and DAT masters of recordings he did during the 95-99 years and had asked if I was still doing that sort of stuff and wanted to help out. The thought of hearing & transferring some uncirculated Gourds recordings is kinda exciting and tempting me to set sh!t back up. 


All the unfinished Fat Cats shows I had on my old PC were dropped onto a unlabeled DVD (dumbass move) when I migrated to my new system last fall and I'm in the middle of a room reno so every CD/DVD/HDD I own is currently packed safely away in boxes but with no organization or reason, so I'll have to sort through everything to find them - hopefully I still have them. The majority of the recordings were either lower quality (loud audience levels), or incomplete (single and half sets etc) hence their not being uploaded when I was doing all the other shows a couple years back. But I'm pretty sure there were a few complete shows, undated, or partial dated (eg: 98 Hamilton) or no venue mentioned at all.


Hell I still have the video of the entire DBT show in Hamilton (2006?) to sync and render, if I could just get the motivation (and a video cam again). But that's a back burner project for now. 

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Yep, at the underground. I was patched into that source, but unfortunately I forgot my headphones and wasn't able to check the input levels on my video camera so the taper & I just guessed what was a good input level. It turned out too loud, blow out in spots and is pretty much unlistenable. I have an untracked copy of the show though, for easier syncing with the video. I just need to get around to transferring the video to my computer. I'll have to hit my brother-in-law up when he's not busy, he has that equipment.

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Honestly they were so unknown at the time while I recall the show it was likely definitely a case of people not bothering to show up for the opener. You just never know...I try to make an extra effort to make it in time for opening acts now even when I have no idea who they are. Struck gold with both spirit family reunion and Cadillac Sky that way to name two very pleasant surprises off the tip of my head

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