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THS - 4 nights at the Horseshoe in Decmember


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From The Hold Steady's Twitter feed yesterday:


"Hey Toronto, you’ll want to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook in the coming days..."


I assume this is in regards to announcing the opening acts. Hoping it'll be Constantines on the last night of the run (when I'm going).  What do you think??

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Personally I hope they were rehearsing with Franz who is coming back just so they can play some whole albums from the sophomore years.



Looks like you weren't too far off the mark!  They played the album Separation Sunday last night.  Encore included a song by Japandroids.  See you there on Saturday NW??

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I'm here and amped.


Last night was damn close to perfection. They included 'Young Lions' by The Constantines for the Canadian cover in the encore.


The facebook feed this afternoon put to rest rumors of a Stay Positive performance, but we were told instead to "Expect something special".


Personally I'm hoping for a b-side heavy set. There are about 8 songs that I have never seen them play live.


Schwa just texted predicting a set of covers by bands that have made the Horseshoe rock over the years. 

Either way, I'd be ready for rock n roll heaven.

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Saturday was ridiculous. I only got 3 of the 8 songs I had been chasing over the course of two nights (and mentioned in an earlier thread) - but they played everything the crowd wanted to hear including a second helping of the Canadian covers from earlier in the week and debuted a Bryan Adams cover also. You had to be there to believe it!



Ask Her For Adderall
Sequestered In Memphis
Rock Problems
Navy Sheets
Continuous Thunder (Japandroids Cover)
Stuck Between Stations
The Swish
Chips Ahoy!
Lord, I'm Discouraged
Constructive Summer
Hot Soft Light
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young Cover)
Joke About Jamaica
Massive Nights
You Can Make Him Like You
Southtown Girls
Slapped Actress


Cuts Like A Knife (Bryan Adams Cover)
Young Lions (Constantines Cover)
Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Stay Positive
How a Resurrection Really Feels
Killer Parties (with fans invading the stage until it was jammed)



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