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Greensky Bluegrass

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Winter tour starts this week, along with a new album! I’ll be at Albany on Thursday (1/10) and the freakin’ Beacon (!!!) on Saturday. So pumped to see them headlining that room, and Circles Around the Sun are openeing both shows, which should be a nice treat. 

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This band will just not stop crushing it.

I did a three show run last week: Albany, Philly, and NYC. Wicked fun to hang with edger and c-towns in Albany, the venue in Philly (The Met) was brand new and spectacular, and in NYC they sold out their first ever show at The freakin' Beacon. So great. And in a nod to the ghosts of Beacon past, they encored with Midnight Rider. Classy.

Obviously I'm a bit of a gushing fan boy over here, but the skill and intensity of this band is still rising. Their songwriting is spot on, and their jams are increasingly adventurous and go deep into unexpected territory. As I've said before, they're a five-headed, twenty-nine-stringed monster with no sign of slowing down.

Their new album All For Money drops today (January 18th), and as a special bonus they're doing a free webcast of their show in St. Louis tonight. Get on it: http://nugs.tv/free/?showID=21.

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Agreed with your comments...I enjoy them more and more each time I see them.  I love their material and really enjoyed the new stuff. They jam like the wind and their covers are always choice and super fun.  Could You Be Loved????!!!!.... that was a joyful highlight.


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