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Fri Nov 28th The Lizards (Phish Tribute) at The Mod Club

Jay Funk Dawg

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NuFunk Presents...

Friday November 28th, 2014
The Lizards
Canada's Premiere Phish Cover Band 

  The Virgn Mobile Mod Club
Facebook LinkOnline Tickets
$10 Advance Tickets
The Lizards are back to host another mind-melting sonically and visually fueled night full of your favourite Phish originals and covers. In the spirit of Phish, The Lizards will play an brand new setlist, including many songs you haven't seem them play before. If you've been to a Lizards show then you don't need to be convinced of how good of a time you'll have. If you haven't been, ask someone who has or come find out for yourself! With a light show by TG5 thats hits all the cues and a large stage at the Mod Club, this show is shaping up to be the best one yet! Not to mention that it will be the one year anniversary of their first show played way back in 2013 at the heralded Comfort Zone. Come to the Mod Club to celebrate with the band! You will not be dissapointed!

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Yes they had a great turn out. Going into it I was surprised they would book at a venue of that size. First time seeing them...I was low on energy but it was fun. They definitely have some chops. I had to move back due to the blinding annoying lights tho. Nice to be at a jam show full of people I'd never really even seen before. That's positive

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