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What's the deal with Ghomeshi?


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Some mixed headline's over the weekend that became more clear after I was pointed o a facebook post Ghomeshi made yesterday pre-empting a massive story that was about to be published.


That was a helluva read.  It appears that he's laid the entire alleged truth out there (https://www.facebook.com/jianghomeshi/posts/10152357063881750) to help extinguish the allegations that are hitting land today.  


What do youse think of the whole scenario?  I don't know the guy other than from hearing some cool interviews.  He seems like one of those radio guys that isn't afraid of the truth even if it's coming from his end.





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This whole thread is pretty tasteless.

Going to have to agree here. There is pretty strong evidence of him doing horrible, violent things to multiple women. Reva Seth, a lawyer and author, is the most recent woman to put her name to allegations:


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