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The Dead 50th anniversary talk


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Sorry for the formatting but there is a lot of interesting info within.

Here is some info from Scott Allen who penned Aces Back to Back (Bob Weir Biography) in 2013;



Since we last discussed the topic of a Core Four reunion of the Dead, a lot of things have changed, and plenty of divergent but credible opinions have emerged about what may or may not unfold in 2015.

As I have stated twice, it is a fact that concert promoters have been demanding exorbitant insurance policies for any show, tour, or series of dates involving a Core Four reunion that includes Bobby.

For example, it was revealed earlier this week that promoters required the Rolling Stones to take out a $29.2 million insurance policy for their 18-show tour of Australia and New Zealand earlier this year in the event a show, shows, or the tour were canceled due to death in the band, a death in the band's family, or a sickness or illness.

From what I understand, the Core Four's "camp" has developed a strategy to deal with the insurance policy issue: The band plans on playing just one or two major headlining gigs this summer at a festival or festivals, and a series of residencies on the West and East coasts.

The "camp" sees this as a way to circumvent concert promoters' demands, with the goal to work with as few promoters as possible.

A 2015 reunion of the Dead featuring the Core Four seems, suddenly, despite my earlier-given lack of optimism, very real.

The afore-mentioned strategy of having the Dead limit their appearances in 2015 made promoters more amenable; as stated, the Dead, apparently, are looking to headline a single festival or two and play a series of West Coast and East Coast residencies - in arena settings or a handful of stadium dates.

Phil and Bobby still have a little patching up to do, as Mr. Lesh privately rode Bobby pretty hard during the past 18 months. The Furthur cancellation at Lockn' in September put a serious dent in everyone's coiffeurs, none more so than Phil's close friend, Lockn' co-promoter Peter Shapiro.

Speaking of Mr. Shapiro, and Phil, and knowing of Phil's deep loyalty and appreciation to Peter for the highly-successful and concept-redefining residencies the pair will conclude on December 30 and 31, 2014 with the Phil and Joe Russo shows at the Capitol, I'd say it would not be a longshot to predict that any festival headlining slot by the Dead in 2015 would most likely go down at Lockn', the pre-eminent jamband festival in America, and fast becoming the most-exciting festival, period, in the U.S.

My "sources" in the music industry have confirmed that the Dead are already in negotiation with Lockn' to headline the Arrington, Virginia-based festival that's held on hundreds of acres of pristine, starry-skied countryside.

Should a 50th anniversary tour and a headlining slot at Lockn' go down, my hope is the Dead will study the model on 50th anniversary tours or shows utilized by the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones (as well as the Allmans' farewell shows). All were tributary, involved all or most of the past members, and were anything but hokey.

And should it happen, this is what I am hearing about the Dead lineup in 2015: the Core Four plus Bruce Hornsby on keyboards. Apparently, to my disappointment, Jeff Chimenti will not be involved. I hope that changes. Hornsby makes sense on a number of levels, including financial, but Chimenti would be the man, for me, at the keys.

A number of what may be described as near-silly issues have/ had to be resolved, from what I understand, before the choice (or choices) on lead guitar could be worked out.

For one, Billy, who unmercifully ripped Furthur's choice of John Kadlecik as guitarist in 2009, had to make repairs there. For another, in order for Steve Kimock to be involved, an issue dating to 1999, between Kimock and a "camp insider," had to be hashed out.

And, from what I hear, should this reunion unfold, the band is seemingly committed to, and working with, the concept of using more than one lead guitarist.

How that would work is unclear. Would a different, lone lead guitarist play each night or for each short residency ? Would there be a night-long rotation of leading men at each gig ?

The guitarists are known to be John Kadlecik, Steve Kimock and Warren Haynes, with a fourth, unnamed guitarist, possibly Trey Anastasio or Barry Sless, also being considered; Stu Allen, according to my music promotion source, is not, to my disappointment, on the short list.

The Core Four with Bruce and a three or four guitarist rotation.

Something for everyone, we hope !!

My same booking "source" is reporting that Lockn' is deep in negotiation with the Dead to be the host for the band's 2015 major festival headlining gig.

In fact, Mr. Shapiro and the Lockn' Festival are attempting to pull off the greatest coup in jamband festival history in 2015: having the Dead and Phish headline on alternating nights.

As the String Cheese Incident and Umphrey's McGee did at Lockn' in 2014, expect to see Phish and the Dead playing alternating sets.

The plan is to have Phish play an opening set, followed by an opening set from the Dead. Phish would then play their "closing" set, followed by the Dead, who would also perform the night's closing set.

The following night, the order will be reversed, with the Dead up first, and Phish closing.

Phish fans, meet the Deadheads. Deadheads, say hello to the Phish fans.

We hear that Lockn' is also trying to nail down another special treat. As you know, Widespread Panic backed John Fogerty in 2013 for a set of Creedence and Fogerty classics and did the same this past summer with Stevie Winwood. For next summer, the goal is to have WSP back Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell for a set of Band and Levon Helm classics !!

Have a happy Wednesday —



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Hmmm I was not aware that the Capitol/Brooklyn Bowl residencies were coming to a close at the end of this year...


All pretty exciting speculation.  Other than for me personally Lock'n is terrible in terms of timing.  Having back to back Phish and Dead shows would be pretty amazing, but likely an absolute shit show in terms of logistics?  Never did really hear if some of that got ironed out in year two this year.  If that ends up being the only/main appearance it would be pretty heartbreaking not to make that happen somehow

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Phil and Bobby still have a little patching up to do, as Mr. Lesh privately rode Bobby pretty hard during the past 18 months. The Furthur cancellation at Lockn' in September put a serious dent in everyone's coiffeurs, none more so than Phil's close friend, Lockn' co-promoter Peter Shapiro.


I'm kind of concerned about the physical damage caused to the band's male hairdressers. I'm glad that it sounds like Bobby and Phil are going to patch up those concavities.

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I'm kind of concerned about the physical damage caused to the band's male hairdressers. I'm glad that it sounds like Bobby and Phil are going to patch up those concavities.


Plenty to ponder in there, but any post that talks about "The Dead" playing stadiums at this point should be taken with a heavy dose of salt, as far as I'm concerned, unless by "stadiums" he meant amphitheatres.

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2015 is the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead and Terrapin Crossroads will be celebrating throughout the year. Phil will host shows twice a month that reflect each year since the band was first formed in 1965, and also from time to time present art exhibits, conversations with Phil about the shows and their context, along with memorabilia displays tied to the shows themselves.

We begin on January 2nd and 3rd with Phil, Stu Allen, Scott Law, Jeff Chimenti, and Cody Dickinson. These shows will pay tribute to the Grateful Dead by having a full first set of music from the year 1965 on January 2nd, and a set of music from 1966 on January 3rd. Due to the scarcity (and brevity) of set lists from ’65 and ’66, these shows will have normal PLF 2nd sets. This will mark the beginning of a very special year for all of us who love the Grateful Dead.

We invite Terrapin Nation to join us in celebrating this historic anniversary. Tickets for these shows go on sale December 3rd at 11am at the Terrapin Crossroads box office, and December 4th online. Don’t miss out! “Well everybody’s dancing in a ring around the sun Nobody’s finished, we ain’t even begun…”



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Phil Lesh will keep the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary celebration rolling at Terrapin Crossroads, as the former-Dead bassist has been paying tribute to different years in the band's towering legacy. Starting with 1965 and 1966, Phil & Friends have been announcing shows two at a time, each focusing on an individual year in the band's history.

The latest additions to this series are the tributes to 1969 and 1970, which will be held on February 6th and 7th, respectively. With a lineup that includes Scott Law, Stu Allen, Ross James, Jason Crosby and Cody Dickinsonthese two shows should be phenomenal, considering the music that the Grateful Dead wrote and recorded during this time period. Both Workingman's Dead and American Beauty were released in 1970.

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