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Phantasy Phish


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Are you a pro at predicting what songs Phish will play? Think you know the band better than everyone else?

Introducing Phishball, the new, addicting fantasy Phish pick'em game. With Phishball, you're able to select two songs for certain categories, and accumulate points throughout any Phish show/run of shows. Phishballers can choose from categories like: first set, second set, third set (on NYE!), covers, encores, and bustouts. Correct picks are worth two points, with a pick in the wrong place worth only one, and bustouts are five points each!


Phishball can be played with friends, or with the group at large. For those who want to make things interesting, there is an option to pay-to-play, with payouts to the highest 2 scores over the NYE run (60%/20%) and each nights top scorer (5% each). There are also single-day paid options, as well as a totally free, just for fun option, to get more comfortable with the game. And, as an added bonus, the winner of the free play option will receive a pair of lawn tickets to any of Phish's summer tour shows!


Phishball was created by @phishballer in 2010, as an extension of a game played with pen and paper on Phish tour in the 90's. It's certainly a fun way for Phish phans to interact with the shows! The game is in its initial phases, with further updates planned for 2015, but check it out and good luck!



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